MultiVersus Will Be Opening Up Some New Rifts For Us To Play


A deep dive into the Rifts Mode for MultiVersus is here that looks to offer players a lot more to do in MultiVersus

There is a whole lot more coming to MultiVersus than we might have thought when May 28th comes right around for us. Not only will we be getting the brawler title that Player First Games has been testing out there on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC, but it looks like we are getting a new mode when the game launches. This new mode for MultiVersus is called Rifts and will be doing more than just allowing us to look into or go to other dimensions. In fact, this one will give us a whole lot more of the PvE gameplay that some of us rather enjoy more than the frantic brawling that the title is all based around. Let us have a look at this new mode that is coming very soon.

Even though the name of the mode makes it sound like we are going to be swapping out levels and characters in the mix of things for MultiVersus, it turns out that these will offer up experiences that are part tutorials for characters but also new challenges for us to complete in the game. Some play out like mini-games, others are boss fights, and others look to be basic platforming. All to better hone our skills in MultiVersus for the PvP matches but also to give us another in-game currency to buy effects and stat boosts for our characters. So, not just a fun distraction but a way to better everything in and out of the game. Nifty. You can get a better look at some of these Rifts and how they will be implemented just a little lower down.

MultiVersus — PvE Rifts Mode Overview

Warner Bros. Games released a MultiVersus video detailing the all-new PvE “Rifts” mode, which offers a different way to experience the game, outside of competitive PvP matches.

Rifts mode incorporates a variety of unexpected twists, from boss fights to mini-games, along with ongoing content updates to keep things fresh. Each Rift is made up of chapters, which are comprised of various nodes that consist of battles and challenges, and each node contains unique mutators for different combat scenarios. By completing node objectives and winning matches, players can earn rewards, as well as gems, which can be used to raise stats and impart special effects.

As one of many ways to experience MultiVersus at launch on May 28, Rifts can also be a way for players to learn mechanics, test characters, and sharpen skills, whether jumping in solo or cooperatively online with a friend.

I like the idea of Rifts in MultiVersus but I will need to see them in practice before I can fully get behind them. While giving us more to do in the game and some of them leaning into helping us learn characters, I am curious to find out how important that all will be when it comes to matches. It sounds to me like those who have all manner of time will be able to boost their character's stats up quite a bit while those who may not excel at characters will be left wondering how to complete some of the Rifts. I am looking at some of the same challenges titles like Mortal Kombat added in that I had to leave behind because I could not match the timing. MultiVersus is a different beast than that one, but it does feel like it could be a massive boon to the IP or something that needs a hard overhaul once the masses get their hands on it.

Will this be a mode in MultiVersus that you will dive into or will it be all about the PvP for you? How vastly different will they all feel and expand to be or will they be a lot of the same style but with different characters playing them out? As more characters get added in, will there be more that are better suited for those characters? Is there going to be a worry about balance when playing the core game with this? Fight all of that out down in the comment section and then feel free to keep the discussion as civil as possible. If we get more for MultiVersus, know that we will share it all here as soon as we can. Please keep a close eye on the site for those updates and the many others we have in the pipes still.