Morbid: The Lords Of Ire Launches Us Back To Our Sacred Duties


Launch into the lands of Morbid: The Lords Of Ire with the game landing out there and making the world more morbid

The lands of Ire are calling us with the launch of Morbid: The Lords Of Ire on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC as of today. This would be the new sequel in the IP that Still Running and Merge Games have been getting up and running for us and we have had a few teases before. All so we can see where the story of Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is heading and how the team has made some improvements and changes to the newer title to make sure we are always having as much fun as possible. Fun that you can have right now if you want to download the game or in a physical form if you are looking to experience it on specific platforms too. Oh, and do not worry, if you need one more push to see how it is looking, we have you covered one more time too.

All in all, we have a new launch trailer to look at that gives off more of the hype and story for Morbid: The Lords Of Ire and a little bit of stylized gameplay to explore. Most of which is a nice and bloody mess of the world as we head out to slay all of the acolytes out there who are doing all of those usual acolyte things. You know, that whole ending-the-world kind of thing out there. This is why we will need to enter the world of Morbid again and help them end with all of their living while making sure we do not do the same. At this point, I am sure you know where you stand on picking up this title, but I will still let you have at the latest trailer and see if you will be going digital or physical for this one. Have a look and be sure to enjoy yourself.

Morbid: The Lords Of Ire — Launch Trailer

Available now on Steam, Epic, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Merge Games and developer Still Running are thrilled to launch nightmarish action-adventure Morbid: The Lords Of Ire to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S! Face off against hordes of hideous creatures with furious hack-and-slash combat, testing your mental and physical resolve in a hellscape that threatens your very sanity. Loot and scavenge unique weapons, imbue them with runes to alter their abilities, grant blessings to garner unique perks, and take on the grotesque Lords and their minions. Physical versions of Morbid: The Lords Of Ire are also available now for PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch at all good retailers including Signature Edition Games.

Developed by Still Running, a small independent team consisting of only 14 staff, The Lords of Ire is a sequel to the studio’s smash hit Morbid: The Seven Acolytes - the critically acclaimed isometric souls-like that originally launched in 2020.

Building on the sanity system from Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, your choices will send you down a path of Enlightenment or Insanity.

To reach Enlightenment will grant incredible resilience to your Stamina, while fortifying the Impact of your attacks to stop enemies in their tracks and usher in a mighty Critical Blow. You also accumulate more experience while Enlightened. Descend into the depths of madness and Insanity will fill you with an unrelenting power, dealing more health damage than ever before. But be warned, you’ll also take more damage as you frenzy against the hideous creatures in the lands of Ire.

The heroic Striver returns once more to do battle with horrific creatures in a dark and twisted world of pain and suffering. Slaughter hideous creatures using a range of vicious weapons and attacks, from finishers to guard breaks and the powerful Spectre Blaster, eviscerating everything in your path.

Battle your way through the five levels across the lands of Ire - horrific realms populated by five unique factions, from wintry mountains to rotten cities and beyond. Reaching enlightenment or succumbing to insanity can grant incredible power, but at great personal risk, dynamically changing how you perceive the world and its many threats…

Key Features:

  • Explore diverse environments across five unique levels filled with nightmarish visions and stomach-churning creatures.
  • Experiment with different playstyles using a variety of weapon styles, runes & blessings.
  • Fight to preserve your sanity, or succumb to the madness and harness it…
  • Test your skills against horrific enemies, dark monstrosities, and epic boss battles with the mighty Lords of Ire.
  • Fully realize the horrors of Morbid as the series steps into a new 3D perspective.

Are you going to be giving this Morbid sequel a go or do you still need to play the original title to see if you are on board for all of this? Do you like the bloody mess we are getting here or is it just more of the flashy stuff to sell you on a game more than anything? Will you be going digital or physical for this title if you are going to be picking it up? Head on down to the comment section to discuss all of that and everything else you have on your mind. If we have more to share for Morbid: The Lords Of Ire, we will do so on the site for you. Please keep on checking in for all of that and everything else we have out there in the world. Unless you would rather us stop doing all of this in the first place…