The Casting Of Frank Stone Gives Us A Look At Murder Mill & Some Gameplay

Frank Stone

Some gameplay for The Casting Of Frank Stone is finally here to help us all better understand what Frank Stone will be doing out there

The stories keep on flowing out there for The Casting Of Frank Stone, but we are finally here to see a bit of the gameplay that the game is going to have in the mix when it launches later in 2024 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Given that this is a Supermassive Games affair, that does seem to lean more on the side of things being less action-oriented and more of the experience of the story. Just all set in this different universe that we have seen with Dead By Daylight. Not a terrible thing, but The Casting Of Frank Stone might be a little different than those fans might have known up to now. Let us have a look and see what will be coming to the horror world when this one does finally drop out there.

As we suspected, The Casting Of Frank Stone looks like it is going to be a narrative with a few walking and exploring sections mixed in. A lot like The Quarry or Until Dawn for those who know the pedigree of the studio. Both are solid games but not like the action multiplayer that the game universe is normally set in. That is where all of the other supernatural elements we are seeing here for The Casting Of Frank Stone will most likely be coming in. It does look like our cast of characters are not only going to learn that along the way, but might also be tasked with filming a movie about it all too. Maybe this is where a Butterfly Effect mechanic might be able to drop in and keep us wanting to replay the game a few more times.

The Casting Of Frank Stone — Gameplay

The storytelling prowess of Supermassive Games meets the Dead By Daylight universe in a haunting horror game that won’t soon be forgotten.

In the summer of 1980, four friends set out to make their mark on horror cinema. What they capture will trigger the unthinkable. Decide their fate, develop their relationships, and guide their shoot of Murder Mill, a soon-to-be cult classic with an insidious influence…

In The Casting Of Frank Stone, a dark branching narrative lies before you. Your decisions pen the script — the only thing standing between life and death for a group of young filmmakers. Change reality with your choices, unlock new paths with your actions, and discover what horrors your final cut may hold.

In a story where every move matters, actions can speak louder than words. Explore a cinematic nightmare, testing your wits as you solve environmental puzzles and react to Quick Time Events. Guide your cast of characters through eerie locations and search for clues that hide the bigger picture.

Coming 2024

If you think the movie aspect for The Casting Of Frank Stone is a bit odd to toss in there, here we have another of the audio recordings to go along with the gameplay video we have above. One that seems to take place when the fictional film was released and a theater was burnt down, but also one that expands the lore of Frank Stone in this universe. He is sounding more and more like a mass murderer with some serial killer vibes tossed in. Have a listen and hear how he stomps a guy down while burning many theater patrons alive in a building. Most likely something we are going to get to relive when this game drops out there since the gameplay does make it look like we might have some time-travel shenanigans added in.

The Casting Of Frank Stone

“It’s not overly clear, at least to us, what the catalyst for the situation was, but I can confirm that it started in the cinema itself.”

What do you think about the character of Frank Stone that we are hearing about and will this all be a red herring to trick us until the game launches? Will we be hoping through some kind of timeline in this game or is all of it going to be more of the flashbacks to explain what our crew is going through? How many endings will this game have and will it rival the number that the studio has had in other games out there? Let us have those thoughts and comments down below while letting the discussion flow. There is going to be more for The Casting Of Frank Stone as we get closer to its launch, so please keep on checking back here for all of those updates and the many others we are going to have on the site.