Biomutant Is Now Taking On The Switch With Its Launch


Biomutant has launched out on the Switch to allow so many more to experience what Biomutant has to offer

The wait is over and you can now explode onto the scene with Biomutant on the Switch. Be it at home or wandering the streets, you can now experience what this other post-apocalyptic world has to offer from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic. If you had to wait to experience Biomutant on this platform, that is, as it has been out there for a while now. No matter the case, the game is ready for a whole new market of gamers to jump in and see just what it is ready to offer out there. Let us take a look and start downloading to further play the game on the Switch as of today. You can look at the heading for the official date if you are reading this in the future.

If you missed out on the announcement from before, this version of Biomutant will come along with all of the launched DLC up to now. It will also be using the gyro controls to support some of the extra fun that might offer up. All that and it will be able to run in two different modes depending on how you have it loaded up. Be it via the dock or just running around handheld. The difference being that docked will allow Biomutant to run at 1080p resolution and the handheld will be at 720p. Not too terrible and rather expected given the difference of screens that could be an option. Have a look at the latest bit of gameplay and then download it to your Switch as soon as you are done here.

Biomutant — Switch Launch Trailer

Your Wung-Fu experience will never be the same again. Biomutant is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version includes the Mercenary DLC, supports gyro controls, and will run in two different modes:

  • TV Mode (docked): 1080p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 30 FPS
  • Handheld Mode: 720p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 30 FPS

Have you been waiting to play Biomutant on the Switch or have you played it enough already? What extra features will the gyro controls place into the game or will they be very basic things? Will this be a massive difference from playing on the Steam Deck or just one more option for those who cannot own all of the systems out there? Head into the comment section below to discuss and let us all know. If we have anything more for Biomutant, we will try to add it to the site for you. Please come on back to see and hear about all of that as we head on into the future. One that this game world does not show off in the best of lights…