The Music Keeps On Playing With The Coming Stray Gods: Orpheus

Stray Gods

New DLC for Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is flowing out with the announcement of Stray Gods: Orpheus

The songs keep on coming with a new DLC, Stray Gods: Orpheus, coming out there for the musical roleplaying title that helps spawn it all. That would be the game that Summerfall Studios and Humble Games gave to the world a while back on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. That would be Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical for those who may not be picking up what is being put down as of yet. In any instance, it looks like the story is not over where we left it and now we are going to have one of Greece's most famous bards come back in and see if we can have a better story than the one he is known for. Yeah, poor Orpheus and that tragic tale…

As the title implies for Stray Gods: Orpheus, we are going to be going through another six rounds of songs in the gameplay with Orpheus in a brand-new story. Hermes has brought him back from the Underworld and it looks like he is going to be back on the prowl for love in the land of the living. I am not sure why he would have abandoned Eurydice down there, but maybe that will be part of the story in Stray Gods: Orpheus. Thankfully, we will not need to wait too long as this will be dropping out there on June 27th for the PC with the console versions getting their chance to experience it all later down the line. Have your tease as to what is coming just a bit lower down.

Stray Gods: Orpheus — DLC Teaser

Humble Games and Summerfall Studios today revealed Stray Gods: Orpheus, a brand new DLC coming to Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical for PC on June 27, 2024. The DLC will be coming soon to consoles.

When the Fates themselves have always written your story, what happens when you pick up the pen?

Play as Orpheus in this brand new story for Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical! Orpheus’ story is arguably finished — until Hermes brings him back to the world of the living. With their help, you’ll guide Orpheus through the depths of mortal decision-making - who to date, what to hope for, what instrument to rock out on…

Starring Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery), and written by David Gaider, Stray Gods: Orpheus is a comedic feature-length experience that history buffs, hopeless romantics, and rock stars alike can enjoy.

Experience 6 brand new original songs, where each decision changes the song and the story. Composed by Austin Wintory, with lyrics by Simon Hall (Tripod), Montaigne (Jess Cerro), and new addition Tom Cardy (Red Flags, Artificial Intelligence), Stray Gods: Orpheus has hours of interactive music for you to explore again and again.

When the curtain has fallen and the show is over, who do you go home as? Choose to reject, embrace, or rewrite the stories the world expects of you. Is the mortal world ready for the return of Ancient Greece’s most infamous bard?

Did you expect to see the story of Stray Gods continue forward or will this just be the way that they keep this title flowing out there? Why do you think that Orpheus will be back and looking for love when he had it down in the Underworld? Will the gameplay shift at all from what we once knew or will it stay the same just with new songs? Dance your way down to the comment section to discuss it all. We will share all that we can for Stray Gods: Orpheus, and maybe do a play through, as things keep on coming out for it. Be sure to stick around on the site for those updates and the channels to see the gameplay when we can get it.