Amanda The Adventurer 2 Has Us Entering The Kids Corner With A Demo

Amanda The Adventurer

A demo for Amanda The Adventurer 2 is on the way with confirmation that Amanda The Adventurer 2 launches later this year

It has been a big week for Amanda The Adventurer as we have another update for the IP from MANGLEDmaw Games for the game. This is not for the release on the other platforms that DreadXP is gearing us all up for. No, this one is actually for the recently announced Amanda The Adventurer 2 which is also coming this year. When in this year, that is still to be figured out. What is not still in the works of figuring out is that we are going to have a demo for the game during the Steam Next Fest so we will have something tangible from June 10th until June 17th. If this tease we have also is not enough for you.

We are still going to have to wait until we get the demo for Amanda The Adventurer 2 to get a feel for where things are going in the story, but we have a few other teases to go along with it all. Like the fact that Riley will now be heading to a library where Aunt Kate has left something behind to help with what is going on at the house. There also looks to be some other cartoon tapes we will need to watch for Amanda The Adventurer to further progress and solve our way through this new puzzle we find ourselves in. Have a look at the new teaser and get ready for that demo to drop in just about a month from now. It does look as if we are going to have a whole lot of fun to explore and engage with once we are able to dive deeper into all of this lore…

Amanda The Adventurer 2 — Demo Coming Soon

Developer MANGLEDmaw Games and publisher DreadXP announce that the sequel to the fan-favorite and viral hit Amanda The Adventurer is launching in 2024 and getting its first playable demo during the Steam Next Fest from June 10 to the 17th. In celebration of the original game’s first anniversary, Amanda The Adventurer 2 launches its Steam page today, and the team behind the highly anticipated follow-up debut a new teaser trailer for fans to dissect.

Amanda The Adventurer 2 follows Riley Park, who, after seeing what was contained on the mysterious tapes in their attic, travels to the Kensdale Public Library to investigate further. Upon arriving, they're greeted by a masked figure who claims to know their Aunt Kate, before she died and needs their help finding something Aunt Kate had left in the library. They also warn of a powerful entity that seems to be drawn to the tapes.

Meanwhile, Amanda is now aware of Riley's presence, and is doing everything to find a way to free herself. Suddenly, the stakes are higher than ever before, as it's not just Amanda looking for Riley now…

  • Interactive cartoons return! Talk directly to Amanda like before, but now your input has a bigger effect on her world.
  • New interaction type: GET UP! Go out and explore the environment to find something Amanda asks for, or don't! See how she responds!
  • New Area: Kensdale Public Library - You're not at Aunt Kate's anymore! Explore a bigger environment with even more secrets and lore to find!
  • New Friends! Neither Riley or Amanda will be alone on their adventures with friends by their side!
  • Dig even deeper into the story of Amanda, Riley and Aunt Kate, and the sinister production of Amanda The Adventurer to unfold a horrifying history.

What do you think was left behind and what new tapes will we see for Amanda The Adventurer? Why is Riley not just giving up on all of this and will it be explained why they are still going it all alone now? How much will this demo reveal to the world before the later launch in the year and will we still have more questions than answers when that does happen? Explore the comment section and start the discussion of it all now. There is a lot more to come for Amanda The Adventurer 2, so please keep on checking back here to see and hear about all of that as it comes. I am sure that you will want to explore it all and then some as we do.