Necrophosis Gives A Look At How It Will Flow With NVIDIA DLSS


A new look at Necrophosis is here to show off how the NVIDIA DLSS will help with the visuals of Necrophosis

We had a nice teaser for Necrophosis last week and here we go with a look at how well the game is running in its current form. A form that is going to be putting the NVIDIA DLSS through some paces as Dragonis Games aims to bring a full version to the PC down the line. That is at least the assumption we are going through for Necrophosis as it is still all in an early form, but we have a new video that will show us how the game will look through the various settings of the hardware. Let us dig in and see if we can truly tell the difference between the Performance, Quality, and Off modes for all of this here…

This new video for Necrophosis shows the three different states in a row and then side-by-side for a few different scenes out there in the game. Mostly static with a bit of movement either in the background or with the camera doing a little swoop about. All of which… kind of look about the same between them all. Partially as the YouTube compression might not allow for a true vision of higher than 60 FPS, but also as it does not seem to change much for Necrophosis in general. Have a look at the video and see how this will all flow out there when the game does come and see what you think you might be seeing in the mix.

Necrophosis — NVIDIA DLSS Comparison

Necrophosis, inspired by Zdzislaw Beksinski, is a chilling first-person horror adventure that plunges you into a nightmarish realm where decay reigns. Explore eerie-surreal landscapes and unravel mysteries in this atmospheric journey through the macabre.

The creators of the successful Lovecraftian titles The Shore and Eresys have just launched a new teaser trailer for their upcoming horror indie adventure, Necrophosis. Set in an enigmatic world where entities from different universes converge, the protagonist is alone with one mission: to explore interconnected regions in a non-linear experience. Crafted with the stunning detail of Unreal Engine 5, Necrophosis invites players into a nightmarish world that challenges the boundaries of reality and horror.

Necrophosis immerses players in bizarre and surreal landscapes, each uniquely themed with its own set of eerie puzzles and haunting entities. The influence of Zdzisław Beksiński’s art adds a disturbing beauty to the environment, enhancing the game experience. Drawing inspiration from games like Scorn, Necrophosis offers a blend of deep storytelling and ghostly visuals, making each location a dark puzzle with its own scary story and mysterious characters.

This video for Necrophosis is a shining example of why I think those who complain about framerate in general, are just jumping on a hype train and nothing more. The difference is so small here that I had to struggle to see how the Quality version was better. It was insanely slight and I do not think it is on the side of Necrophosis here. The game looks great no matter what, but claiming the extra frames do anything for your experience feels like a bit of a lie. It might work out for those who use twitchy fingers in shooters so they have a few extra moments to click a mouse, but for everyone else, I think it is all extra hype to sell you on buying hardware you might not need.

Where do you stand on what you saw here for Necrophosis and do you see the big differences out there? Is this on the side of the video compression showing it off or is there truly little difference for it all? Is it this way only because the game is still in an early state and will it change over time? Head down to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have for the game. There is still much more to come for Necrophosis, so please keep on coming back to check it all out and see what we have to share with the world.