Amanda The Adventurer Will Be Bringing Us More Horror On The Consoles Soon

Amanda The Adventurer

New versions of Amanda The Adventurer are on the way to bring Amanda The Adventurer to the consoles and mobile devices this year

The horrors of Amanda The Adventurer are leaping from the PC out there to the consoles and mobile devices now. Well, not as of now as is usually the case when we say that, but MANGLEDmaw Games and DreadXP are working on a version of the game that will hit the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, Android, and iOS platforms this year. A massive spread for Amanda The Adventurer to finally be able to hit after such a long time. We are not going to complain at all, as it does allow for many more to experience this horror title even if it does feel like some of the game's aspects might be harder to replicate on the consoles than on the PC. Most likely the reason for the longer delay between all of those releases.

We have a review for the PC version of Amanda The Adventurer lower down on this page, but for those who have never heard of it before, it is another of the analog horror style of games that are all the rage. We play as Riley who has found some VHS tapes while going through the inherited house from their Aunt. During all of this, they run across some recordings of an old show, Amanda The Adventurer, and odd things start to happen in the show as well as in the attic they are no longer able to escape. This is where they need to dive in and figure things out so they can stay alive and maybe solve some of the other weirdness/darkness that this TV show had to offer up. Here is more of what we know and the review that was done for the site a while ago.

The horror-crafting minds at DreadXP are excited to announce that the viral hit Amanda The Adventurer by developer MANGLEDmaw Games is set to launch on all console platforms, iOS, and Android later this year. The announcement comes as the teams continue their work on the previously announced sequel and celebrate Amanda’s first birthday with the community who brought the game to the impressive milestone of over 1.5 billion total views on YouTube including fan content.

Having inherited their Aunt Kate’s house, Riley Park starts exploring what the reclusive woman left behind. In the attic, Riley is surprised to find a stack of VHS tapes next to an old TV set. The tapes seem to be episodes of an early 2000s-era children’s cartoon they have never seen before. Intrigued, Riley pops the first tape into the VCR.

Not the highest budget production from the looks of it. It appears to have been made locally and features a little girl named Amanda and her loyal yet shy best friend, Wooly the Sheep. While the episode appears charming and simple on the surface, an uneasiness starts to settle in as Riley realizes that Amanda and Wooly seem to be communicating directly through the television set. A gnawing feeling in the back of their mind presses them to stop, but Riley is compelled to continue watching the tapes. It’s almost as if Amanda needs something, and Riley becomes fascinated with finding out what that something may be. What lies beneath the friendly and colorful facade of Amanda The Adventurer? Who left these tapes behind? Is the price you will pay worth the answers you seek?


  • A short yet intricate single-player horror experience.
  • Animated tapes that tell an unsettling story, all under the guise of a welcoming children’s cartoon.
  • Classic, 90s-style CGI that recalls a simpler era of animation.
  • Characters who interact directly with the viewer — a dream come true for any 90s kid…or is it a nightmare?
  • Challenging, escape room-style puzzles using clues hidden within the tapes.

Amanda The Adventurer — Gameplay & Review With Mr. Hartgrave

Amanda The Adventurer had a few bits of gameplay, as you may have seen above, that lend well to how things function on a PC but would be harder to replicate on a console. Partially with the need to replay some scenes or parts of the game, or in other aspects dig into some of the game files, so it is interesting to see how the team brought this to life on systems where that is next to impossible for an average user. My guess is that some of the higher-end concepts have been removed or added in through various other ways and we will just need to keep doing a New Game+ kind of thing to unlock more of Amanda The Adventurer as we would have on the PC. No matter the case, I am ready to dig back into this one and see how well it ports over. Especially with the sequel on the way too.

Are you going to finally give Amanda The Adventurer a chance now that it is coming to consoles and mobile? How do you think it will handle those things that work well on the PC but are close to impossible on everything else? Will this lead to the sequel coming out when it does drop or will there be more time to wait until that happens out there? Explore the comment section and leave your thoughts about all of that down there. We will have all the updates we can for Amanda The Adventurer going forward, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of that. I know you will not want to miss out on a single update for it at all.