V Rising Will Be Bringing Us All More Of The Legacy Of Castlevania

V Rising

V Rising is getting some new content and fun as we see a spot of Castlevania added in for the fun of V Rising

As we all wait for the full version of V Rising to drop out there on the PC and then the PS5, at least in a final form, we can have a look at a new bit coming when May 8th rolls on up. A new bit that will have Stunlock Studios dropping in another classic IP that deals with vampires in the mix. We are going to get a bit of the Legacy Of Castlevania mixed into our V Rising is what we are looking at here. So, get ready to face off against one of the best hunters we have had in the mythology over the decades along with many other little cosmetic options that we could want for our own fun. If your blood does not dry up before the game's full launch, that is.

This DLC will add Simon Belmont into the mix of V Rising along with his legendary weapon to add a whole new challenge to the mix. That will be part of the free DLC we are going to get for the game. Those who want to drop a little more scratch on the game will have the option to pick up a premium version of this DLC that will ass in a whole slew of cosmetic changes for V Rising that all fall in line with the Castlevania theming. All to better decorate our lair and make sure we have the skeletal mount at our disposal when we so want it. Not too bad of a thing, but definitely not something that everyone out there is going to want to have in the game in general. Have a look and a bit of a tease as to how all of this is going to look.

V Rising — Legacy Of Castlevania

Famed vampire hunter Simon Belmont is infiltrating V Rising to challenge all of Vampire kind. Wielding his legendary whip and an infamous arsenal of holy weaponry, no night stalker will be safe from his righteous crusade through Vardoran. Defeat him and unlock the secrets of his iconic weapon, offering new combat abilities that embody the grace and precision of a deadly Vampire!

While Legacy Of Castlevania, including Simon Belmont and the new weapon, will come as free content, vampire enthusiasts will be able to purchase the Legacy Of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC, allowing players to construct their own castles inspired by Castlevania’s classic gothic aesthetic. Decorate your opulent lair, enjoy character customization options inspired by classic Castlevania characters, and spread terror with your spooky skeletal mount. You can even set the tone in your ominous abode with two classic Castlevania themes reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova.

At this point, I am fairly certain that any vampire game is going to have this kind of DLC so Konami can get their label into as many games as possible. Joining V Rising feels like it was something that should have been planned from the start and I have a feeling it was only the legal side of things that made it take so long. It is nice to see that a good chunk of it will just be included in the full launch of V Rising but it is weird, to me, that anyone would want to pay for the basic cosmetic options. I am all about the gameplay and story of my video games and would rather leave the looks and art to the artists who made it all. That means the basics that they are giving and approved and not altering it all for some other need to look like something else. That is me, though.

Are you glad to see Castlevania getting a spot in V Rising and was it something that just always made sense to you? Will we see other hunters make the crossover down the line or will this be the big one with the studio giving us original ones instead? How do you feel about the extra cosmetics in video games and does that improve your experience all that much? Sink your teeth into the comment section below and let us all know what you are thinking about all of this. We will share everything else that we can for V Rising as we get closer to the release date of it all. Please keep your eyes on the site for those updates and the many others we have coming down the pipes.