INDIKA Will Have Us Taking Our Final Vows This May


The release date for INDIKA is set with early May being when we can start to pray with INDIKA

We did not have to wait long since we had the gameplay for INDIKA that we now have a release date for the game. Something that was assumed to be a bit more of a wait, but it looks like Odd Meter is wrapping things up and 11 Bit Studios is getting it all ready to head on out into the wild. Now, we have a release date for the game and when we can dive into the Christian Mythology that INDIKA is going to offer. An offering up that will take place on May 8th for those who want to take the vow on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC that this nun is going to give us in the weird simulation of a game.

If you missed out on what INDIKA is going to offer up to us all, it is slated as a nun-simulator but there is a bit more to it all than that. It has some of those elements in it as our protagonist can alter or stop the plans of the Christian god, there is also a lot of platforming, puzzles, and exploration we will have to do in the game. Mix in some biblical horror elements and themes, and then we have INDIKA. A bit of a wild ride, but it hits all of those correct parts to entice many in for a game. Have a look at some of that below and see if you will be joining the convent in May or just opt to watch as others take the vow and go on this weird journey in the game. Sinners are definitely open to applying for the job…

INDIKA — Release Date

11 Bit Studios is thrilled to announce that INDIKA – one of its most unique publishing projects to date, flawlessly fitting under its label of meaningful entertainment – will be available on PC and consoles on May 8th. Developed by Odd Meter, INDIKA promises to immerse players in an ambiguous, deceptive, and thought-provoking tale about faith and self-belief.

Gameplay-wise, INDIKA seamlessly blends narrative with environmental puzzles and platforming elements, touching on themes seldom explored in video games. Is it within Indika’s power to intervene in God’s design as a seemingly unconventional nun? Or will everything unfold as planned, rendering any kind of effort futile?

And then there's Ilyia. He is steeped in sin, yet he claims that God has spoken to him. But most importantly, what about the other devilish presence always lurking behind Indika’s shoulder, threatening her with grief and itching her head with difficult, thought-provoking questions that are better left unanswered?

Can fervent prayers truly help her to escape this madness?

INDIKA is a third-person adventure game that effectively combines exploration and environmental puzzles, with a hint of platforming. Through its themes of sin, sorrow, and ethical quandaries, INDIKA transcends conventional gaming boundaries, resembling an avant-garde film that aims to question societal conventions rather than merely providing entertainment.

INDIKA is set to launch on May 8th on PC, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5. Furthermore, a part of the revenue generated from INDIKA will be donated to aid children affected by the war in Ukraine.

While INDIKA did feel like a meme game to me for a while, it did start to shape up into something that feels like a solid title to enjoy. While the themes and narrative are not something that would normally catch my eye, it does feel like we are only seeing the surface of it all and not the deeper elements. I am glad to see that they are not trying to lean into it being a horror title as the Christian Mythology aspect when it comes to horror is always a laugh to me and not ever truly scary. Maybe I see it differently, though, and INDIKA will scare many of you much worse than ever thought. Only a few months from now and we will get that answer. Until then, we will just get to speculate and see the basics of it in what we can get hands-on with.

Did you expect to have to wait longer to get to experience INDIKA or does May feel about right for all of that? Will this truly be just a nun simulation with all of the Mythical elements being in people's heads more than anything? Do you find all of this creepy and scary or does it all feel silly to you when you see a nun in any form outside of the usual setting? Head into the comment section to discuss it all and let the world know. There is more to come for INDIKA, certainly, so please keep on checking back for those updates and the many others that we will have on the site for you. I have a feeling you will be just as excited for it all as we are.