SPINE Takes Us To The Market To Put Some Gun-Fu To Use


Early gameplay for SPINE is finally here with a solid look at how our SPINE will help us in the mix of things

After a solid little wait here, we are finally able to see some full gameplay for the upcoming title SPINE. Even if we still have to wait until late into 2025 to see it in full on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, that does not mean that Nekki is not going to give us some fun until then. Unlike a few others who are all teases and no real show. I digress. Let us get back to what we have here with some gameplay for SPINE as we head into a marketplace to see how well the Gun-Fu mechanics of the game have progressed up to now. Even in an early stage, we can get a true feeling of how it is going to flow and function out there, even if they have to course correct down the line. They still have well over a year for all of that.

What we have here needs to have the description of early gameplay to it, as some of it feels a little rough, but that would only be bad if SPINE was on the verge of launching. Now that we have that stage set, here we get to see Redline taking up some solid action that feels right out of some great films out there. All with the natural skill and the Spine device that has been grafted on. That is where all of the "John Wick" action starts to kick in and we can get an idea of how the fights will always feel a bit dynamic. That is one of the selling points of the game where each fight will feel different each time. All to make sure we have an unlimited replay value to it all. Have a fun look at how we will be punching, kicking, shooting, flipping, and executing our way through the story of the game just a little bit lower.

SPINE — Gun-Fu In The Market

Nekki revealed new gameplay of its upcoming gun-fu action game SPINE at the Future Games Show. The new Market Gameplay teaser showcases pre-Alpha gameplay footage featuring SPINE’s cinematic gun-fu combat in a futuristic cyberpunk world. SPINE will define the gun-fu game genre for PC and consoles in late 2025.

SPINE is a single-player, story-rich action game where the player takes on the role of rebellious street artist Redline, accompanied by her sentient combat implant, Spine. Players join them as they challenge the autocratic AI regime of Tensor Corporation while learning to trust each other.

SPINE features camerawork and combat choreography by action movie specialists and is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki’s original animation engine, Cascadeur, making players the star of their own action movie where no two fights are the same.

SPINE Features:

  • Close-Quarter Gun Combat: SPINE introduces a unique fusion of cinematic gunplay and close-combat beat ‘em up, emphasized by elaborate camerawork and providing players with dynamic and immersive gun-fu gameplay.
  • Cinematic Action: Collaborating with action movie specialists and paying homage to iconic action movies, Nekki promises a truly cinematic adventure where every moment feels like a scene from an epic blockbuster.
  • Gripping Narrative: Explore an immersive cyberpunk world as Redline and SPINE challenge Tensor’s autocratic regime. Discover a story of rebellion, trust, and survival, while exploring the risks and benefits of AI.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech & Graphics: Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki’s proprietary animation engine, Cascadeur, SPINE boasts fluid, lifelike combat animations within a detailed cyberpunk environment, pushing the boundaries of gaming graphics.

Even if SPINE feels a bit rough at this point, I am still excited to see how it all evolves out there. There is still a lot of time to get things dialed in and switch up some of the mechanics in the game. Something that should be an easy task with the solid base it looks like they are all starting from. I was hoping that we could see the same scenes play out in two different ways to give us a better idea of how SPINE will be so dynamic, but I understand why we did not. The team is pumping things out there, so it should be a short matter of time before we get that kind of thing to look at. For now, I will just kick back and be excited to see how things play out for this one as we get closer to the launch.

Are you excited to see how SPINE is going to evolve or was this too rough of a look for you in this stage? How different will each fight truly be or will we still lean into the same tactics no matter how we progress in the game? How many different action films do you think we are going to see get homage to this title on top of all of that? head down to the comments to discuss it all and see where it all flows. We will have what we can for SPINE up on the site, so please keep on checking back in for all of those updates and the many others we will have out there. Things are picking up again and we will try to keep up with all of the updates and changes that we can.