Still Wakes The Deep Makes Sure We Won’t Wait Forever For Its Release

Still Wakes The Deep

The release date for Still Wakes The Deep is set for us all and June will take us into the deep with Still Wakes The Deep

The time has come to get that sweet release date for Still Wakes The Deep so we all can get ready to go underwater in a new title. The horror is starting to ramp up as The Chinese Room and Secret Mode put the final touches on the game and make sure that we will walk away with a few more nightmares as well as some new ways to look at the universe around us. As long as you are ready for Still Wakes The Deep to hit the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 18th, that is. Yes, that is the release date for us all, so let us dive in and see what new little bits we can pick up for the game as we head on into the darkness of it all.

Now that we have the when, let us have a look at what new things we get to look at for Still Wakes The Deep. This is a horror title where the narrative will have us on a sinking oil rig while things start to go very weird. Weird as in some kind of cosmic horror or creatures from the depths playing with our minds for some reason. This rig is our home, though, so we need to explore and defend it while trying to keep our sanity. Even if it does feel like the end result in Still Wakes The Deep is that it will sink into the ocean. A solid little metaphor for our protagonist's mental state too, it would seem. Have a look at the latest video we have for the game that gives us a mix of the gameplay along with a bit of the cinematic. Then just a few short months to wait until we are in the deep part of it all too.

Still Wakes The Deep — Release Date

Still Wakes The Deep is a narrative horror from the masters of interactive storytelling at The Chinese Room. Players must navigate the perilous, sinking oil rig they call home, with nothing more than their wits to protect them from whatever has entered the rig, and the roiling sea below.

Still Wakes The Deep will launch on 18 June 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PS5. It will also be available with Game Pass for console and PC.

I have been curious about Still Wakes The Deep back when all we saw was our protagonist jumping from beam to beam in the trailers. Now that we have had more of the horror and a solid date, I am further excited. Even if this does feel like a release that should be out there around Halloween instead of early Summer. I am not upset, but it is usually how I enjoy my fun little horror titles. I am curious to see how the mental state of our character will match up to the events and environment in Still Wakes The Deep or if I am off the mark and it is just a sinking oil rig. It just feels like the perfect way to add symbolism into the story of it all when just leaving would be the best option even when there is not some otherworldly thing going on in the mix.

Will you be ready to experience what Still Wakes The Deep is bringing this June or will you hold out until the spooky season to experience it all? What extra darkness do you think the story will share with the world or do you fear it will be like many other stories we have had over the years? Is all of this some level of symbolism or metaphor that we might catch too soon or is a sinking oil rig just a sinking oil rig? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and feel free to offer up all of that discussion too. We will give you more for Still Wakes The Deep as soon as we get more, so please keep an eye on the site for those updates and the many others we have coming down the pipeline.