Welcome To A New Funhouse For Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad

The next character joining the Suicide Squad is on the way with the first season of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League kicking off soon

The Joker was already known to be on the way to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and now we know that he will be joining the squad on March 28th. All part of the first season of content that Rocksteady is bringing to the game to try to keep it alive. It is not adding in just a new character but all manner of other things too. So, get ready for our Suicide Squad to have a lot more to do and more gear to collect out there when the day rolls around for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Even if it is only going to be part of the season when March 28th hits. There is still going to be a bit of waiting to get the full drop… for some reason…

Yeah, so this DLC will be launching for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League in two waves, with the first giving us most of the meat and potatoes of it. That being The Joker, story missions, a new Elseworld to explore, various side missions, and more gear to run out and collect out there. The second part will bring more of this to us all but will also house some new missions and other smaller character-inspired gear for us to play with. You can see some of that in action along with the roadmap for all of this release below. On top of that, we also have a nice new clip to see just how The Joker will be playing around with the Suicide Squad to try to help with the killing of Brainiac… given that we have already killed most of the Justice League on our world with the base game. It is what it is.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League — Welcome To The Funhouse

Warner Bros. Games and DC unveiled a new gameplay trailer and updated roadmap for Season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the recently released third-person action-shooter from Rocksteady Studios.

The first season of free post-launch downloadable content will be available on March 28th for all Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League owners at no extra cost. To keep the action going following the main campaign, Season 1 will kick off with Suicide Squad members Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark teleporting to a Brainiac-invaded Elseworld to rescue and recruit an alternate reality version of The Joker. This Elseworld twist on the iconic DC Super-Villain will be the latest playable character to join Task Force X, bringing his own brand of mayhem and chaos into the mix along with a healthy dose of explosives and a rocket-powered umbrella to launch himself through the air and glide across the city. Additionally, all Season 1 content will be set against the backdrop of an ever-changing Elseworld version of Metropolis with a distorted landscape that has been reimagined in The Joker’s image.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Season 1 will also feature two dedicated episodes, each with new Incursions and Strongholds; missions and activities; DC Super-Villain-themed weapons, gear, and cosmetics; Justice League-infused Brainiac variant boss fights; and more. Episode 1: Fear will begin on March 28th with new gear inspired by the terror-inducing toxins and poisons of Scarecrow and Notorious items featuring Mad Hatter, Merlyn, and Dr. Psycho. Episode 2: Duality will be released as a mid-season update including a new mission type, new Green Lantern-infused enemies, new Two-Face Infamy gear sets, and new Notorious weaponry based on DC Super-Villains Reverse-Flash and Black Manta.

I am still very confused by the DLC release we have here for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and why it needed to be broken up like this. Well, outside of trying to keep players constantly engaged so they do not log in once a month and then wait for the next Season to drop. I am glad to see that The Joker should have a decent traversal mechanic out there in the world even if an umbrella is not normally his thing. It seems to function like a hoverboard and could be closer to Deadshot's rockets, so I am glad to see that we will have another member of the Suicide Squad who will feel like they are playable when it comes to all of that. Now if only they could fix the other ones and give players more of what they truly want. All of that and not in a slow DLC drop too.

Are you excited to play as The Joker with the Suicide Squad or does it feel like it has missed the mark for all of this? Did they really need to split the episode drops for this season or will that be for the better of the players and not the publisher? will the grind of the new world be something that brings us back into the game or will it be the fact that we can continue down the main story further and aim to kill Brainiac now that the Justice League is dead in the game? Glide on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to share for the game. We will have more for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, obviously, so please keep on checking back for those updates and the many others we have on the way to us all.