There Is No Turning Back With The Launch Of The Thaumaturge


The release date for The Thaumaturge is here and we have one more push for PC gamers to head out and try The Thaumaturge

There were some good reasons to dig into The Thaumaturge last week, and here we are with the PC launch of the game this week. All so we can check out those little things that Fool’s Theory told us about and that 11 Bit Studios has been hyping up for a while now. Even if the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers are going to have to wait a little longer. None of that matters for now, though, as we gear up with the launch of The Thaumaturge and see what else could be on the way as we wait for those downloads to finish up and let us all into the dark world of Warsaw that has been crafted for us all.

That all means that we have a launch trailer to look at for The Thaumaturge to see how the blood magic will come to life a bit more in this turn-based RPG out there. Along with how we will be able to upgrade and change things based around the otherworldly entities trying to attach themselves to us all. Something that I am sure some of the historical figures we will be running into in The Thaumaturge will want to take part in or try to help us end with all of our living in the mix. This is a time of superstition and magic users would have had a harder time out there. I guess we will all see in the latest for the game and then as we play through the story of it all.

The Thaumaturge — Launch Trailer

Warsaw, 1905 — an enchanting city pulsating with cultural opulence, political upheaval, and mystical enigmas awaits you in The Thaumaturge, an isometric RPG that blends a gripping narrative with morally ambiguous choices and a meaningful theme. Crafted by Fool’s Theory and published by 11 Bit Studios, The Thaumaturge beckons players to embody Wiktor Szulski, a gifted yet tormented thaumaturge, as he traverses the complex tapestry of early 20th-century Warsaw.

Launching today on PC, with subsequent releases planned for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year, the game is a unique combination of history and fantasy. With turn-based combat, character development, and investigation mechanics, The Thaumaturge promises an immersive experience richly infused with Slavic folklore, that challenges players to reflect on all of their inner (and outer) demons.

A Modern Take on an RPG:

The Thaumaturge bypasses traditional genre elements and features side quests seamlessly integrated with the main story, along with a meaningful, personal, narrative-driven adventure backed by a myriad of smaller stories.

Be a Thaumaturge:

Influence and manipulate characters, carving your path in this world. Exercise caution, as each decision holds consequences that either restrain or feed your inner flaws such as pride, vehemence, or scheming. Give unique and impactful responses through the choice-infused dialogue system.

Experience a Supernatural Twist on Combat:

Immerse yourself in turn-based encounters elevated by salutors, ethereal entities commanded by the thaumaturge. Employ your perception to predict and overtake enemy moves, and utilize salutors’ unique abilities for strategic dominance. Drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore, these entities feature psychic strikes and manipulation, along with a wide array of upgrades that transform Wiktor’s skills in combat into an engaging dance of strength and strategy.

Explore the Rich Tapestry of Warsaw:

Crafted with Unreal Engine 5, The Thaumaturge features the intricacies of 1905 Warsaw, a city teeming with a fusion of Polish, Jewish, and Russian inhabitants. From opulent hotels to gritty Powiśle shacks, the meticulously researched historical setting forms a poignant backdrop for a meaningful narrative. Encounters with historical figures like Rasputin add an authentic layer to the supernatural adventure.

I am glad to see that The Thaumaturge is out there, but sadly will have to wait until the console release for this one. A mixed bag of things, but with other massive game releases out there, it will lead me to have a better experience with this title. I will not feel like I will need to rush through it and maybe miss some of the fun in the mix. Not only that, but it will allow for the patches and other upgrades to flow out for The Thaumaturge and come when it is ready to land on the consoles specifically. One of the few reasons I am generally okay with split releases when we know it will be hitting multiple platforms out there.

Are you jumping into The Thaumaturge as of today or will you need to wait a bit longer for it? How do you think the game will evolve down the line or will it only have some basics before it hits the consoles? How do you think the game is going to handle the superstition of the people more than we have seen in the trailers out there? Head to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we can offer out there into the world. We are going to keep an eye on The Thaumaturge as we wait for the console release, so expect to see more of it in the future. Please keep on coming back here to stay up on all of that and the many other projects we have to come.