Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake Gives Us All New Levels Of Detail


One more developer diary for Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is out to help us see how the Brothers remake has advanced

Next week, we will have the upcoming Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake on our PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC so we can see just how great this game can be again when we are given more of the details. Details in the way of the visuals and fixing some of the basic mechanics that only the Unreal 5 Engine would be able to do now. That is how Avantgarden is displaying it all for us in the latest developer diary out there. All to give us one more solid look at how the Brothers Remake is going to blow more minds away when it drops on February 28th. Let us all have a solid look at it all right now.

After having the comparison video from before, we all knew that the Brothers Remake was going to look amazing and lean a bit more into the toon nature of things. In this new developer diary, we get to see a bit more of that but also how the team took specific lighting choices and facial animations to bring more of the art to life. Given that the faces can express so much more, this can lead to a bigger performance and act of storytelling in the game. Humans are able to grab so much information about something from just looking at someone's face instead of what they are saying. Even as it comes to the non-humans our Brothers will encounter again on this long journey. Have a look and see the latest of the updates and what to fully expect next week.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake — Dev Diary #2

Learn how the AvantGarden team used new technology to bring the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake to new levels of detail and performance. Dev Diary #2 is live!

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is available February 28, 2024, on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

I am super excited to see how this is all going to actually function next week when I can experience the story of these Brothers once more. Even when things were at a much lower level in terms of visuals and how the story could be displayed, it was able to hit me just through the basics and the music of it all. This version looks like they are truly trying to elevate it all and not just cash out on a great experience one more time. Mix in the fact that there will be even more engagement when scenes are playing out and not part of the gameplay, I almost fear that the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake might hit too many heartstrings and cause more "feels" to boil up along the way. I will make sure to have something ready to catch any of those tears of joy and sadness when I spin the game up.

Are you more excited for the Brothers Remake now or have you been at this level since it was first announced? Will the new facial animations and performances truly elevate the story or just keep us watching more of the animation scenes in this one? Will we see more of the lighting play into the core gameplay or is it just here to make the game look better? Stroll on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up for the game. We will share what we can for Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of it as we head into the future.