The Portals Are Opening A Bit Earlier Than Expected For Nightingale


The early access for Nightingale is starting a bit earlier now to get those interested in Nightingale and playing

The release date for Nightingale, or more the Early Access date, has been shifted quite a bit since we first heard of it all. One reason or another Inflexion Games has needed more time to get this PC title ready. Well, it looks as if the date is going to change one more time. The Early Access for Nightingale was slated to kick off on February 22nd of this year, and now it is slated for February 20th. A whole two days earlier for those who have been itching to enter the portals and see what the game holds for them on the other side. It may not seem like much, but it is a bit more time with the game than you may have thought you were going to get.

The reason for this new date shift comes down to Nightingale hitting the mark a little early and the team looking to get more feedback as soon as possible. This is how Early Access games usually go. Players diving in, finding bugs or balancing issues, reporting them, and then the developer puts out fixes. Sometimes this leads to full games getting reworked. For Nightingale, it just looks as if the team wants to get the two extra days to do all of this as they build up to a final release down the line. A reason that will place players behind the controls a little sooner than expected. So, change those calendars and get ready to download in just over a few weeks from right now.

Nightingale — Launch Date Update

Mark your calendars because Inflexion Games is opening the Portal network ahead of schedule! Nightingale will now launch into Early Access on February 20, 2024, on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

This will not only allow you all to start your adventures as a Realmwalker two days earlier than originally planned but also give Inflexion Games a head start in addressing any issues at launch.

This feels like a really weird shift to have for the game. Sure, it does mean that players can get access to Nightingale a few days early, but I do not see how that will help out the team in the long run. It is two extra days of work that can be done, but that could have been added on the other end before the game's full launch. Maybe this is to make sure there are more funds coming in as they work on Nightingale as gamers have shifted to not buying early for early access games or something. That would be more of my guess, as they might have been right near the finish line and figured the extra two days could get them another influx of cash. I do not know and I am sure no one outside of their offices will ever know either.

Have you been itching to get in and play Nightingale up to now and will the extra two days get rid of that itch for you? How much extra development can they really do with these two extra days or is it all a nice way of explaining the date shift again? How long do you suspect the game will be in Early Access out there and will it truly be a shorter time now that we can play it sooner? Head into the comment section below to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share for the game. When we have more to offer up for Nightingale, know it will all be here. Please keep on checking back for all of those updates and the many others we have in the works on the site.