The Hover Tank Is On Full Display Now For Sand Land

Sand Land

A new vehicle for Sand Land is out there to look at as we all get ready for the launch of Sand Land in a few months

We have had a look at some of the vehicles coming to Sand Land, one so far, and here we go with another that we will get to ride around in when the game launches. I am sure we will have many more as Bandai Namco builds up to the April 25th launch on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This time, though, we are looking at the hover tank that will be floating around the desert and other landscapes we will need to explore in Sand Land. With out much more gilding the lily, let us all have a look at this heavy vehicle and the damage it is going to cause for all of those enemies out there in the deserts of the world.

As one would assume for something called a Hover Tank, it is pretty much a stylized tank that will cause some massive damage over a long range in the world of Sand Land. To help balance this out, the aiming will be a little unstable given the normal nature of it all mixed with basic stability of the tank floating about. This is not something that crafty players of Sand Land will not be able to overcome, but it will make us have to work for it all. As long as it is truly a balanced system out there. That all said, you can have a short look at the Hover Tank in motion just a bit lower as all of the destruction and chaos is brought down upon everything in the world.

Sand Land — Hover Tank

The Hover Tank equips strong, long-range weaponry that can cause massive damage. However, the Hover Tank’s aiming stability may be difficult to harness due to its floating nature, but once mastered, the Hover Tank will be an almost unrivaled vehicle in your arsenal.

While I do understand the bit of a balance here for the Hover Tank in Sand Land, it does feel as if it will be something gamers will be able to master rather quickly in the game. If so, that would remove out the gameplay balance and all of the other hindrances from having us just float around blasting everything out there. It is a little on the slower side in the video, so maybe this will make sure we lean on some of the other vehicles that will be offered up in Sand Land. I know that if I had a choice to stick with the massive damage while still having all of the same mobility, I would go with that. Maybe future showcases will help us all better understand the true balance to it all.

Are you excited to see how the Hover Tank works in the world of Sand Land or does it feel like something you will use sparingly out there? Will it be as easy to master as the video shows or will the learning curve be much higher once the game launches? How many more vehicles will we get in the game and will they offer up better weapons for some of us to use? Head right into the comments section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have out there for you. We will certainly have more for Sand Land soon, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of that and everything else that we might be able to share with you along the way.