SERUM Has Quite A Few Reasons For Why We Should All Be Looking To Play The Game


Those looking for reasons to play SERUM will have just that as the demo for SERUM is out there with five reasons why you should play

It has been a little bit since we heard about SERUM, so it is high time that we had something new to share for the game. Not just in terms of gameplay but maybe for some of the reasons why we should all be looking to give what Game Island has been working on a solid try. Something you can do right now with the PC demo that Toplitz Productions has out there for SERUM as you are reading these words. If you need more reasons to give the game a go, though, then get ready to kick back and see why we should all be going into this new dark place sometime in Q2 of 2024 here. So maybe in a few months from right now.

Those who have been following along with SERUM for a while now will know that two of the bigger points to give the game a go will be the story and the online multiplayer aspects of the game. If that is not enough, then it is also worth knowing of the way that substance that gives the game's title any meaning will be altering our character many times over so we can face off with the constant threat of the world and creatures within it. If that is still not enough, SERUM will also be mixing in a crafting system to make sure we are always trying to grow and evolve just as our character in the game. That would be the quick and dirty way of giving you the five big reasons the teams have for us to dive right in. Those needing more can look at the following video where there is also a little bit of the gameplay mixed right in there too.

SERUM — 5 Reason To Play

SERUM is a survival action-adventure game in which a mysterious liquid determines your life. Courage, time pressure, and your will to survive will define your future. Will you manage to win the race against time, find the serum, and unravel the mysteries and secrets of this eerie world? Your life is in your hands!

I will be honest, these reasons given for SERUM are a little flimsy when you are looking at just the text of it all. They are rather bland and basic. When we have a look at the actual gameplay and what it all entails, things do perk up quite a bit. It is just a weird way to market things, in my opinion, and the better scope would have been just to give us all a look at the visuals and then tell us to go give the current demo a try. We are deep in the middle of the latest Steam Next Fest, so there is a lot of reason to push us all that way. Then they could have more eye on SERUM instead of having a look at some of the basics and then hope we head out and give the demo a try. Now it is time to do just that, so that is where I will leave all of this pondering on the site.

Have you stayed fully up on all of the things that SERUM has to offer up so far or did this little reminder place it back into your head? Will you be giving the demo a go now or will you be holding out for the full launch to come and give us something bigger to look at? Are most of these things listed as all the base gameplay and not needing to be split into different sections of this video? Go into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up to the world out there. More for SERUM will be on the way as soon as we get anything for it. Please keep an eye on the site for all of those updates and any others we have to share up to the full launch that is coming.