See Just How Far Things Have Advanced In The Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake


Compare things between the original Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and the upcoming Brothers Remake as it comes to the gameplay

After over a decade of time and upgrades to the various technologies out there, one would be certain to think that the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is going to be leaps and bounds beyond the original version of the game. It should blow us all away, and it seems Avantgarden has the same thought when it comes to it all and what the Unreal 5 engine can give us for it. With February 28th quickly approaching and the Brothers Remake landing on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC then, it should be time for us to see those improvements side-by-side with the original. This is exactly what we are about to see with some of the scenes recreated and upgraded just as we all have assumed they would be.

If you have not already just skipped along to the new video for the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake, you will be able to see those leaps and bounds we mentioned before. Not only with the character models having more detail and the textures adding so much more to the scenes but also with the lighting and cinematography of the scenes too. From the gameplay to those very specific scenes in Brothers that are more likely to pull at those heartstrings you may or may not have in there. Have a look and see how eleven years will offer up a vastly different gaming experience than we had before. Now we just need to wait a few more weeks to see it shine even brighter.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake — Comparison

With all-new Unreal Engine 5 graphics, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is a brand-new experience! See the changes we've made to bring this classic game to next-generation platforms in the new Comparison Trailer.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake is available February 28, 2024.

Experience an adventure filled with puzzles and challenges, a unique world, and an epic story. Take control of both brothers at the same time (single-player or local Co-Op) and solve each challenge in ways that only two brothers can.

With graphics and controls enhanced for the latest consoles and PC graphics, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is an adventure you'll never forget!

I am rather impressed with what I am seeing here for the Brothers Remake and am glad to see that the team did not change much as it comes to the storytelling of things. Even back in 2013 when I went through some of these scenes with less detail, they hit hard and still made me feel things for these digital characters. Getting more of an expression and other elements added in seem to be offering up a deeper experience too. I have a feeling the whole game is going to be like that and there will be even more wonder to be held in this newer version of the game. Maybe it could even lead to something further down the line for the Brothers story, but we will have to only wait and see for all of that.

Did you have any doubt that the Brothers Remake was going to hit this hard or is it all the surprise you needed for your brain? Can you see how the higher-quality visuals will lend more to the storytelling by giving us more to look at for the expressions? Will there be a use of some of these new visuals in terms of the gameplay or will it all just be a prettier thing to look at and that be it? Head on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share for the game. When there is more for the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Remake, we will share it all here. Please keep on coming back to see all of that before it launches to the world again.