Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Is Giving Us All More Supporting Villains

Suicide Squad

The next Suicide Squad Insider is here to shed light on other villains joining us in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Just on the heels of the other update we had for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, we now have one more big update to take in before the February 2nd, 2024, release date we have for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A new update that has Rocksteady digging into the various other villains who will be on the ground helping us out in various ways. Various ways mean that they will be there to upgrade and modify the squad and the gear they all have. Those who have been paying attention to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League so far will know a few, but we do have a few others dropped in so we can see just how it will most likely function once the game launches out there.

Here we get to see Penguin, Gizmo, Hack, and Toy Man forced into the fight that the Suicide Squad is taking on out there. Not for the benefit of not being killed, but also for the reasons of getting paid or something out of it all, even if their losing means everyone is dead or gone. That aside, we get to see how the Penguin helps by upgrading and modifying our weapons. Gizmo offers up new ways to get around the game's world. Toy Man modifies all of the gadgets we have in the game. While Hack modifies the characters by hacking into their implants to make them better. Neat… Just when you think it is all done, though, we have one more rogue joining in for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. One that may spoil things if you keep reading or watch the video after the 7:40 mark. You have been warned and now we will just carry on.

In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, it looks as if Poison Ivy has survived death in the Arkham games and will be joining us in the long list of characters to help the squad along their journey. Not just any Ivy, though, one reborn from the remnants of plants left behind after Ivy died in the last game. A version of the character that feels more like the annoying little kid trope that ruins TV or films out there. All so Ivy can modify the Suicide Squad's gear to give them status effects too. Not something that Penguin or any of the other villains can do, apparently, so we have to force all of this in. While also giving us side missions in the game to keep plant pods alive out there in Metropolis. You have been warned, so now you can dig into the latest up to see how hyped you are going to get about all of this.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League — Meet the Support Squad

If you’re looking to kill the Justice League, you’re going to need some help - enter the Support Squad.

In episode 2 of Suicide Squad Insider, the team at Rocksteady gives the low down on our supporting cast and how they’ll give the Squad the tools they’ll need to take on the Justice League, as well as reveal some familiar returning faces.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is available February 2nd, 2024, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It is odd, but with each new massive update we get for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, I am getting more of the Marvel's Avengers vibe from it all. The story feels like it is going to be on par with what we had out of the Arkham games, but now we have multiple ways to upgrade so we have more of a reason to grind in the hero shooter of a game. This no longer feels like a game set in the Arkham line and is just something that is trying to use that story to build up why we need multiple guns for villains that have other abilities besides just using guns. I mean, why not cram Peacemaker or Bloodsport in and remove the other characters so there is a better reason for all of this? Oh, I am guessing that is what we are going to get in the next big update that is already talking about future content months before the game has even launched. Neet…

How are you feeling about the Suicide Squad game after all of this and are you getting hyped to do a bunch of grinding with a great story hidden behind it all? Do you like the fact we are getting annoying Ivy in the mix so we can justify having four elemental types added to our guns? Who do you think they will add to the lineup during the post-lunch content and will they just force more of the shooter characters into it all instead of wasting time by giving cooler villains guns and removing other aspects of their character? Just give me Dog Welder and I will shut up. Take all of those thoughts to the comments to discuss it all. More will be here for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, so please keep on coming back to see and hear it all.