Batman: Arkham Trilogy Has Us Become Vengeance Again On The Switch


Batman is back in action again with the Nintendo Switch release out there for the Batman: Arkham Trilogy

Those, like me, who need that Batman fix and something back in the Arkham series can get ready to have one more way to experience it all on December 1th. This coming Friday, Rocksteady Games is putting out the classic trilogy, again, but for the Nintendo Switch. All with the launch for the Batman: Arkham Trilogy so we can save Gotham from all of the villains at home or on the go as we so want to do. Even if we have done this a few times already on the other consoles and PC over the years. I am always a fiend to get back into the mix of all of this, so it is something that will need to be added to my collections once more.

This has been under different names before, but it is still the collection of all of the Batman: Arkham titles in one place and with all of the DLC that has been released over the full run. Even the DLC that was originally exclusive for the other platforms and only made the crossover the last time this massive trilogy was offered out there. This one also comes along with the new skin to wear before any of the other platforms out there. A new skin based on the version from The Batman. A little something many fans out there will most likely have missed out on or will not find given that it would require us all to dive back into the games after the last update four years ago on the other platforms. So, this might just be the best way to play it all with the new suit if that is what you have to do. I will most likely be guilty of that…

Batman: Arkham Trilogy — Switch Launch Trailer

Become Vengeance.

The Award-Winning Batman: Arkham Trilogy comes to the Nintendo Switch on December 1st, 2023. All three Games, all DLC, and free access to the new “The Batman” Batsuit before any other platforms.

Have you had to wait until now to get to experience all of the Batman: Arkham titles in one go? Will this all build up to the next title the team is working on even if it will not be on the Switch? Will you just wait for the costume to come out on the other platforms before heading back into the mix instead? Let us all know down in the comment section what you are thinking. We will keep sharing anything new we can find for the Batman: Arkham Trilogy or any other re-re-releases of it all. Please keep on coming back to the site to see and hear all of that as we keep working on bringing more to you all.