Not For Broadcast VR Will Release On The PSVR2 Very Soon

Not For Broadcast

The PSVR2 version of Not For Broadcast is coming in December with the next release for Not For Broadcast VR

We have covered a whole lot of Not For Broadcast on the site here as of late and here we go with one more update for the game. In fact, this is for the VR version of the game and how there will be more reasons to give all that NotGames has offered up during and after this holiday season. Especially for those lucky enough to find a PSVR2 system gifted to them during these times. We now know that Not For Broadcast VR will be jumping into this space on December 14th so you can experience all that it has to offer in VR instead of just the flat version we have had on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC so far.

This is not the first time we have been able to play Not For Broadcast in VR but it will be on the PSVR2. For those who have not been able to upgrade or will not be able to upgrade, though, it does look like they are working to bring it to the classic PSVR headset down the line. All so you can experience the story and various other video engineer gameplay that Not For Broadcast has given us all. We will need to load up the advertisements, hit the censor buttons, and all of the other actions with actual gestures and not just button presses. So not only a new way to see the game but a new way to fully experience the game too. I am all for this even though I do have a few reservations of my own.

Not For Broadcast VR — PSVR2 Release Date

Not For Broadcast VR launches on PSVR2 on December 14th!

Dive headfirst into the madness of a newsroom where your choices shape history. Battle egotistical celebs, embarrass politicians, and push big red buttons. It’s your chance to operate the broadcast equipment with actual hands. Unleash your inner news tycoon, or just hit yourself with VHS tapes for fun. The chaos, the comedy, the power - it’s all yours!

The PSVR1 version is currently in development, and will have a release date soon!

So, Not For Broadcast feels like a perfect game to put us in the VR space, but I am curious how the teams are going to make some of the more chaotic elements function well in VR. That and if all of the other DLC bits will have their gameplay in the mix too. Some of those elements like the notepad or punching rogue animatronics seem like it would be a massive boon to have in VR. But when you get into some of the faster things needed in Not For Broadcast it is so much easier to just hit the buttons and use the basic controls to pull it all off. Some out there should know how it all is currently, but I know I will be in the camp of learning it all very soon when this drops out there in a few weeks.

Have you had a chance to play Not For Broadcast VR already or did you need to wait for this new release to get to experience it? Will all of the current DLC be out there for the game in this form or will it stick to the basics of it all for now? When will it hit the PSVR original version and why is there such a delay in these kinds of bridges still? Take to the comments and do not censor your discussion down there. We will share more for Not For Broadcast VR as we get it all. Please keep on coming back here for all of those updates and the many others we will have as we head on into the future out there.