A New RTS Is Soaring Our Way With The Showing Of ‘Project G’

Project G

More RTS fun is on the way with ‘Project G’ so we can experience another fantasy setting on our mobile devices when ‘Project G’ launches

There was a whole lot that NCSOFT had to show during the G-STAR update and our latest title we have to look at is ‘Project G’. Yes, it is another title that does not feel like it has a name as of yet, but the teams wanted to let the world know it was on the way. This one with ‘Project G’ heading to the PC and mobile devices when it comes. All so we can have another real-time strategy title to experience while at home or on the go. Given that this one is also a massively multiplayer online RTS, we will need to be able to log in and defend or attack as often as possible. So all of that makes perfect sense when you look at it all on paper.

‘Project G’ is still very much a work-in-progress, so it is hard to nail down much of the specifics with this announcement and showing. It does look as if it will be set in a new fantasy setting with the traditional Western tropes we have grown to expect over the years. All as we gear up with the various teams and factions to head out and wage war on the others in the world. All with ‘Project G’ using most of the same mechanics we have known to enjoy over the years, but a few more tactical bits added in. Most likely to give mobile players an edge on the PC side of it all. Have a look and see how this one will be playing out if the development flows just as well as it looks like it has so far.

‘Project G’ — G-STAR 2023

Project G is a work-in-progress massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game developed by NCSOFT. Players will manipulate a variety of units and bases to gain the upper hand against the enemy alongside utilizing a plethora of weapons and objects to strategically outplay the enemy in a 3D space. ‘Project G’ is set to launch on mobile and PC.

I was more or less in on ‘Project G’ until I caught that it was an MMO and one that links to mobile devices. Not that this is a bad thing for many out there, but for those who do not have all of the time to keep jumping in and fighting in the game, it is going to be a very one-sided event when all is said and done. I have never had good experiences with this in the past. Not to say that ‘Project G’ will end up being a terrible thing, but when you do not have the massive amount of time to sink into a game like this, you will be left behind and almost never be able to catch up. Unless, there is some mechanic in place to give those kinds of players some kind of advantage until they are back in the full running again.

How do you feel about all of these titles like ‘Project G’ that are getting announced out there? Do you like playing MMO RTS games and will it being on mobile devices bring you in closer for this one? How do you think the pricing model will be and will we get to skip all of the traditional microtransactions these games usually come with? Head to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with you. If we get more to offer for ‘Project G’, like a real title, we will share it here. Please keep on checking back for those updates and many others.