The Last Of Us Part II Is Officially Getting Its Own Remaster Soon

The Last Of Us

Those looking to continue the story of The Last Of Us will be glad to hear that The Last Of Us Part II Remaster is on the way

It looks like all of those fans out there who wanted to play The Last Of Us Part II natively on the PS5 will soon get that want filled. Naughty Dog has made the announcement that there is a 'remaster' of the game on the way this coming January 19th that will finally give the world this version of the game. It seems odd to have a remaster after only three or four years of its original release, but The Last Of Us Part II is getting it. Thankfully, not only because of the resurgence of the IP's popularity with the show but also to offer players a few other extras to experience in the game. Not only in the way of cosmetics but with some new modes and other extras we can experience out there.

Gripes about getting a remaster of The Last Of Us Part II so soon after its original launch, it does look like there is going to be something added in that could make the older players want to go back in. Well, besides the price of $10 USD if you already own the game and just want to get the upgraded version of it all. The thing here is that there is a new mode called Ro Return coming to The Last Of Us Part II that will give us a roguelike survival mode in the mix of it all. All so we can dive into the combat of the game more as we fight our way through various encounters we had in the game. Just what someone would want in a game that focuses more on an amazing story than trying to force us into combat all the time. An odd choice but something to let the gameplay expand a little more than anything. Have a look at what is coming just below.

The Last Of Us Part II — Remaster Announcement

The team at Naughty Dog is excited to announce The Last Of Us Part II Remastered, the definitive way to experience the acclaimed The Last Of Us sequel originally released in 2020. They’re thrilled to confirm you won’t have to wait long for it either; players can jump into Ellie and Abby’s emotional journeys on the PlayStation 5 console on January 19, 2024.

Whether you’ve already played and even platinumed The Last Of Us Part II on the PlayStation 4 console or have recently jumped into The Last Of Us Part I on PS5 and want to continue the story, Part II Remastered will offer plenty of reasons for new and returning players to revisit a story that means so much to Naughty Dog. The engrossing campaign returns alongside technological improvements, new modes, and new behind-the-scenes features that will deepen your understanding of Part II’s creation.

The Last Of Us Part II Remake is designed to let you dig deeper into both its development and mechanics. Chief among these is a brand-new mode called No Return, a roguelike survival mode designed to let players prove their mettle in randomized encounters and experience The Last Of Us Part II’s combat in a fresh experience.

The mode includes a host of playable characters to choose from - some playable for the first time in The Last Of Us franchise - who each come with their own traits to suit different playstyles. Players will chart their own course on each run, choosing between various stealth and combat encounters that will pit you against a range of enemies, with unique twists that can add new, unexpected factors to any given encounter.

While it is nice to have the lower price for those that have already experienced The Last Of Us Part II on the PS4, giving a roguelike mode, new cosmetics, and other behind-the-scenes videos feels not all that much to give us a full reason to return. For those that got into the game with The Last Of Us Part I Remaster, I can understand, but charging us to play a game on the PS5 that we can already do seems a bit off to me. Sure, this version will give us the 4K and fps that everyone claims they need, but the game still looked amazing when I just popped in my disc and played it on my PS5 before now. Not to mention that the inclusion of the free guitar playing seems like another update that could have just been pushed out and not placed as a feature here. If you cannot tell, this is a remaster I do not think we needed but I am not the one trying to make money off of a beloved IP further.

Did you play The Last Of Us Part II already or did you need it to hit the PS5 natively before jumping into it all? Do you think the new mode and other features will offer up enough to justify paying more to upgrade to the latest console? Will all of these funds get us to a point to get another full title in the IP or will we have to hope something will come about way down the line when they need to hit the nostalgia button one more time? Head to the comments to discuss all of this and let us know your thoughts. If we get more to share for The Last Of Us Part II Remake, we will share it with you here. All you need to do is keep on coming back to see and hear all of that as it comes.