Robots At Midnight Takes Us Back Into A Cassette Futurist World

Robots At Midnight

We have a reveal for Robots At Midnight that will give us all a new action RPG in the mix once Robots At Midnight fully launches

A new reveal is out there before the big time of all of the upcoming reveals, and this one is for Robots At Midnight. The next title on the way to us all from Finish Line Games that will be offering us all a new Action-RPG on the Xbox Series X|S and PC when it does finally come. There are other platforms in talks for down the line, but currently, this is all we have for Robots At Midnight when it comes to how we might be able to play it all. Now that we have those basics out there, let us die into what we actually might be able to play with this new title. Something that the title might not be perfectly hinting at for now…

Robots At Midnight will be an RPG that will have us in the mix of a "Cassette Futurist" world where we will be taking on some of those robots and many other massive creatures in some basic combat. All with some laughs mixed in as we dive into the secrets of Yob, the planet we find ourselves on, and help the various humans out there survive. All with something that sounds like the normal hero's journey we have seen in many titles out there like Robots At Midnight. We have played it before, but studios are good at putting spins on that story cycle out there, so this one can still blow some minds out of the water out there if played correctly.

Robots At Midnight — Reveal

Robots At Midnight is an Action-RPG with intense combat, colossal monsters, and satirical robots set in a narrative-driven and expansive Cassette Futurist world. Built as a luxury destination now in ruins, the planet of Yob is now unforgiving. Overrun with dangerous inhabitants, Yob will be a challenge for any human to endure. Learn the secrets of your family, and this world, to uncover the corruption that lies within.

Robots At Midnight will be available in 2024 on PC and Xbox Series X|S, with other platforms to follow.

I will say that I do like the look and feel of Robots At Midnight as it all stands so far. The art style of it all feels like it will give us something truly new to look at and there is a chance the whole world of Yob will be perfectly filled along the way. I just hope that the planet's name is not some silly thing that was supposed to be foreshadowing a few things for Robots At Midnight before we get into the meat of it all. We will just have to keep an eye out and wait to see how it all builds up from here. At least it is something new and not another of the many remakes and sequels to titles we never asked for in the first place.

What did you think Robots At Midnight was going to be about before digging into it all? Do you like the art style we have for it here or do you only like games that go with the photorealistic side of it all? How much of it will be an RPG or will that just be the basic term used to give the game a bit of an upgrade system in the mix? Wander down to the comment section to discuss all of that and everything else we can offer to the world out there. We will share more for Robots At Midnight as we get anything more to share. Please keep on checking back for those updates and many more as we head down to the full launch of it all.