Reina Is Going To Be Way Out Of Your League In Tekken 8


The final character coming for Tekken 8 is here and it brings us all a wholly new character to the roster of the Tekken IP

The roster is now full up or Tekken 8 with the final character of the core roster getting shown off now. A new character not only for this game but also a new character for the overall IP that Bandai Namco has finally opted to do for this one. Even if I thought it was going to take until 2024 to finally get that character reveal and most likely before it dropped on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Instead, here we are right now talking about Tekken 8 and just how Reina will be bringing all that is available to the game and our fighting fun. Let us see how lightning-quick all of this will be out there.

While fully new to the Tekken fight, Reina looks like they will bring us many of the legendary fighting styles we have seen over the years. Given that they also have the nickname of "Purple Lightning", we can expect them all to be fast and hard-hitting in the mix. Even if it would have been a little more fun to have there actually be all of the purple lightning flying around in the fight too. Something that seems to be missing in the mix of the ebb and flow of the following fights. Given how Tekken has felt like it leans into all of that with other characters, we only get some small looks at it all here with Reina. Have a look and see what will be filling out the roster in full now.

Tekken 8 — Reina Gameplay

It’s time for them to learn their place.

Reina storms the King of Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 has revealed the final character in the game’s launch roster with the announcement of Reina, an all-new character coming to the legendary fighting game franchise. Nicknamed the “Purple Lightning,” Reina is known for using her lightning-quick moves to overwhelm her opponents. She is surrounded by mystery and the only known fact about her is that she is a student at the Mishima Polytechnical School. She also seems to have a very particular interest in fighting Jin.

I am glad that we are finally seeing a wholly new character in Tekken 8 after getting all of the others rehashed for one more fight. Even if Reina does look and feel like a fighter we have had many times before. There are only so many ways we can bring fighting styles to the screens and controllers out there, so it gets a bit of a pass. Especially as it seems like Reina is being built up as one of the main bog boss characters in Tekken 8 out there. Unless I read all of the throne iconography and Reina demolishing other fighters from the past that we are typically the top dogs. I guess we will know for certain when this one drops on us out there next year.

Do you like finally seeing a new fighter here in Tekken or do you always want the same thing handed out with just slightly better visuals? Do you think that Reina should have more purple in the design given the name or will that come from something else instead? Will we get more characters after this with DLC or will this be the true final character for this outing of the IP? Take to the comments to fight all of that out down there. We will share all that we can for Tekken 8 in the coming weeks, so please keep on checking in for those updates and the many others we have on the way to you all down the line.