Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Brings Specific Features To The PS5


The PS5 version of Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora will have some specific features to bring us into the world of Avatar

With the pending release for Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora on December 7th, it would make sense that we start to see another big push for the game and see some new gameplay. Or, at the very least, a look at some of the fun little extras that Ubisoft will be placing in the game to give some fans a little more of an experience than others. That is what we are going with today, with a new look at what the PS5 games will have over the Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers when it comes to Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora. I say this as it looks like there might be a few more features added in to immerse us further on this console than on others. Let us take a look.

Even though, when it all boils down, Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is probably going to look and function the same across all of the platforms out there when it comes to gameplay and visuals. They have all of that about on par at this point. The PS5, though, will offer us all adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and 3D audio if we have the hardware to handle all of that. That means having a DualSense controller for the most part and headphones that can handle the 3D audio out there. So nothing too crazy or out of the scope of anyone looking to play Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora on the PS5. You can see all of them in action just a little lower down and then know you might be getting a slightly more immersive experience than the others just for having the PS5 instead.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora — PS5 Features

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PS5 Features Include:

  • 3D Audio
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Adaptive Triggers

I am kind of at a loss on why we needed to see all of this for Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora as it all feels like it is standard at this point. I mean, outside of the marketing tool to keep us talking about the game before it launches. I was hoping to see that there might be some other massive features added in, but at this point, these all feel like saying it has Trophy support. Not a bad thing, but not something that is going to help wow us all and feel like we are getting what the Avatar films offered up. That being a different spectacle that needed to be experienced in a specific way. While slightly true since these are all PS5 features, it is not something that would be like seeing a film in IMAX compared to a home screen experience.

Do any of these features make you want to experience Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora on the PS5 more than others or just what you were expecting to have along the way? Could there have been something different added into the game to give a different feel for it all or would that have been expecting too much? Will it look and function the same on the base level across all of the platforms or will adding in these features be obfuscating something else going on in the background? Take to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have on the site. More for Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora will be coming soon, so please come back to see and hear about all of that as we get closer to the full release of the game out there.