The Chaos Is Rising For The Campaign Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call Of Duty

The campaign for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III is out for us to enjoy and see how Call Of Duty is going forward with it all

Even if it is not the one thing many come for, we have the campaign for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III out there as of right now. As long as you pre-ordered the game and want that experience in this shooter. I mean, why would you not after Sledgehammer Games put so much work into it all? There will always be those who play Call Of Duty and do not care for the single-player aspect, so this one is not for you. Everyone else, though, can have a nice little update and experience just before digging into it all on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

This nice little clip we have for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III shows off the level of chaos that Makarov is going to put out there in the world once again. Chaos that we are going to need to head out and stamp out there for the good of all of the civilians in the world. I say that, as it looks like Makarov is trying to ignite a new world war again and that would lead to humans destroying everything. All because the ones with the power get some feelings hurt or have the fear of losing their power. Just another way that Call Of Duty mirrors the real world out there with all of the others who hold power currently.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III — Campaign

Makarov is ready - are you? 💥

Play the Campaign now when you pre-order Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

While there are still so many that will skip the Call Of Duty campaign just so they can go out and play virtual paintball or laser tag, I will always dig into the stories being told here. Given how militant the whole world is out there, this is a great way to hold the mirror up to the world and call things out. Sure, Call Of Duty does put us all in a world that is rather grim where it is common for civilians to be massacred non-stop, but in reality, the real one is not far off from that currently. Just as war movies and the like do, the campaign of these titles is a way for storytellers to offer up a look at something so many want to ignore. This is why I will always say to play the campaign in these games.

Will you be playing the campaign for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III or will it sit unplayed so you can kill your friends online? Do you think this is a good way to tell the stories and make commentary of the times out there or are gamers too tunnel-visioned to even notice what is going on in the story? Could they hit the nail on the head any more squarely in this title or do you think it is always going to be something we have to worry about as long as humans are alive? Venture into the comments and keep the discussion civil. We are going to keep offering everything up for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III as we get it, so please keep on checking back for all of those updates and all of the others we can muster along the way.