The Challenge Is Now Calling To Us All With The Talos Principle 2

The Talos Principle

The launch of The Talos Principle 2 is here and we can all head back in and answer the call left over after The Talos Principle

I do hope you have been getting your brain ready for some new puzzles out there, as The Talos Principle 2 has finally launched on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You have had ample time to head out there and make sure you were up to speed on what Croteam and Devolver Digital have been toiling away at, so you have no excuse for now. At least in the regards of not knowing what is going on in The Talos Principle. All of that said, we can now roll out there and give the next title a go and see just how things have been advanced or altered along the way out there.

To help celebrate the launch of The Talos Principle 2, we also have a nice little trailer to take in to get us all amped up for the story we are going to be playing through. That is more of the focus with this one as we see our robot wander about the sea of the others while finding out that we have been waiting to set forth to the next island out there. All as a new A.I. of sorts flutters in and aims to set us all further on the course. We are trying to figure out why humanity fell in the previous version of The Talos Principle so we do not make the same mistakes out there, so it only makes sense if we keep exploring. All with the extra mind-bending fun that the game has always had when it comes to the puzzles and world that is laid out for us all.

The Talos Principle 2 — Launch Trailer

PC | PS5 | Xbox Series X/S | Available November 2

Born into a new world where biological humanity is extinct but human culture lives on in a city of robots, you find yourself swept up in a mind-bending adventure involving a mysterious megastructure hiding enormous powers.

The more you discover, the more you will be confronted with questions about the nature of the cosmos and the purpose of civilization. The broken promise of a better tomorrow, the fear of repeating humankind’s mistakes, faith in reason, or renouncing humanity altogether — the choices you make and the sides you take will determine the course of events.

Even without the overall story we have here in The Talos Principle, this one looks like it is going to add so much more to the gameplay of it all. All with new puzzle ideas and lands to wander about. I am a bit curious if the prequel tag that keeps getting used will have us involved in some time travel shenanigans along the way out there, but we only have to wait until the game downloads for us to truly know at this point. This is one of the titles I am very glad to see have more coming out for it and now I am going to stop typing and just dive right into all that The Talos Principle 2 has to offer up to the gaming community as of now.

Have you been curious about the lore of The Talos Principle up to now or has that always just been something in the background for the gameplay? Do you think we are going to go back in time in this one or is it only going to tell the story of how we got to where we are now? What do you think the purple cloud is going to do in this game and will it be more than just a narrative device to push us all along? Take to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with the world at large. If we have more for The Talos Principle 2 to share, it will be here. Please keep on checking back for those updates and the many others we have yet to come.