World War Z: Aftermath Takes Us To The Valley Of The Zeke In December

World War Z

Another update is coming for World War Z: Aftermath to expand the world of World War Z just a bit more out there

If you thought that World War Z: Aftermath was dead out there, then you do not know the genre and how it always seems to rise from the dead again. While it would have been nice to get something just for Halloween, it looks like we are only going to have the core game and DLC to experience for now. That said, here we go with the announcement that Saber Interactive is offering us all even more World War Z: Aftermath on December 5th with the next big update Valley Of The Zeke. Landing on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Whichever platform you have the original or the Aftermath version on. Happy day with even more zombies out there.

This new update for World War Z brings us the first premium campaign episode to the game in quite a while. All while taking us to the wonderful land of… Arizona, USA. There will be three new maps and four new characters to play as in the game along with all of the usual updates. Oh, and a few new zombie variants too. It would not be a true World War Z game if we did not get those mixed in as well. All of which lean into the desert landscape and other elements of the area of the world. Have a nice little tease of what is to come in December just below and see how the Valley Of The Zeke will keep us trying to survive into another year and cycle.

World War Z: Aftermath — Valley Of The Zeke

Saber Interactive is excited to reveal the next major content installment for World War Z: Aftermath, the ultimate co-op zombie shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. Arriving Dec. 5, 2023, on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, Valley Of The Zeke will introduce the first new premium campaign episode for Aftermath since it debuted in 2021, set in Arizona and featuring three brand-new maps and four new playable survivors. There will also be new premium character and weapon skins, as well as a free update for all players featuring new zombie varieties, the new Desert Eagle weapon, and additional surprises for challenge mode.

Available on December 5, the Valley Of The Zeke campaign episode features three new maps that will take players to Arizona with a new story set in the heart of the American Southwest. Play as four new characters and lead a convoy of survivors to salvation through the desert and humanity’s fallen urban strongholds.

New premium character and weapon skin packs are also coming on December 5 just in time for Valley Of The Zeke. Players will be able to grab the Pre-Apocalypse Character Skins Pack and the Burning Skulls Weapons Skin Pack.

Valley Of The Zeke will also deliver a free update for all owners of the original World War Z and World War Z: Aftermath on December 5 featuring even more heart-pumping action and gameplay, including:

  • New zombie enemy types that will appear in all episodes, including the Juggernaut, a special zombie unit that can dish out the pain while charging down your line, as well as new military zombies with combat armor for an even greater challenge.
  • The new Desert Eagle secondary weapon, a large-caliber pistol that packs tremendous stopping power when you need it most.
  • A new set of exciting mutators for Challenge Mode and Challenge Horde Mode. Equip all auto-turrets with explosive ammo (but with reduced lifespan), embrace the Wild West theme by forcing everyone to use repeating rifles and revolvers, and more!
  • The addition of the recently released Rome XL map to Challenge Horde Mode (available only for Aftermath on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S).

I know I have been waiting for something new to come to World War Z for quite a while now and am glad to see we are getting something. Not only something new but something that takes place close to where I currently live in the world. While I would have loved more for a Las Vegas setting, I fully understand why we need to go to a different part of the desert out here. Not to mention that it does give players and gamers not only more to play but also a look at a different part of the world they might not know. Thus, a great understanding of what is going on in the lore of World War Z in and outside of the book. Now if only they could have made this update land on Halloween instead.

Have you been playing World War Z nonstop up to now or did you need another update to bring you back in? Do you like the desert and landscape we are going to or would you have rather seen a different one in the mix? How different will some of the zombies be in this update and will they get closer to how they would be in a harsh desert as Arizona does have out there? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have running at us now. We will have what we can for World War Z: Aftermath here, so please keep on checking back for all of those updates and the many others we will have along the way.