Discover New Gameplay Out There For The Upcoming Title Unawake


New gameplay for Unawake is out there to show off how Unawake is shaping up in its current alpha state of things

A good while ago, we had the announcement of the title Unawake and it gave us an interesting look at a new title. A lot of time has passed and it looks as if RealityArts Studio and Toplitz Productions did not stop hammering away on the game. It may have been a little silent, but here we are now with some gameplay to look at for the game. It is a bit on the alpha side of it all, but something to keep us all going for Unawake until it launches on the PC in 2024. Unless things change between now and then. It is always a concern to have, but we will lean in on the side of getting something new for the game more than anything.

In this new gameplay for Unawake, we get to see a whole lot of combat action in the game. A lot of fast-paced action as our protagonist rolls out into the world and takes on the first-person melee combat that is set up for it all. All as a mind-bending story unfolds that will make us all scratch our heads even more when we are not worried about it getting lopped off. Yeah, I could go on a bit more for Unawake based on the basics we still know for the game from the original announcement, though it might just be easier for you to dig into the gameplay for yourself and see just what we have been waiting for up until now.

Unawake — Alpha Gameplay

After an archaeological discovery on the grounds of an ancient city, it soon became clear that the dig site offered more than historic value and priceless artifacts. But nobody could have predicted what this extraordinary location would hold and what forces would be unleashed on humanity.

Trained for the sole purpose of entering the discovered underground structures, you descend into the unknown. Into a world that defies everything you know. Every step takes you deeper into madness and while you discover the mind-bending truth, your reality and perception will be altered forever.

Experience frantic, yet tactical first-person melee combat in breathtaking environments that push the boundaries of imagination. Fight against impossible odds with a multitude of weapons enhanced by a deep customization system, while you unearth a dark secret that will change the course of humanity forever.


  • Powered By Unreal Engine 5 - Immerse yourself in breathtakingly surreal levels, brought to life with stunning detail only possible with the power of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Fast & Challenging Combat - Engage in fast and tactical first-person melee combat as you face a wide variety of opponents, each with their own ever-changing approach to battle.
  • Discover An Epic Story - As you progress through the game, you'll discover an epic story spanning eons, effortlessly blending science fiction with history and dark fantasy.
  • Your Choice Matters - Experience-based character and skill progression is the key to your success. Level up, learn new skills, and use them to your advantage against the ever-evolving enemies you'll encounter.
  • Tools Of Destruction - Vanquish your enemies with a multitude of weapons, from your trusty sword to axes, two-handed hammers, and much more. Customize your weapons with elemental effects and buffs to gain the edge in the relentless battles that lie ahead.

I will be honest that Unawake still looks like it is in the alpha stage of things. Not a bad thing as the teams know they are still there too and can still make things flow a bit better over time. That said, as long as the teams put in all of the work, this does look like it will be a fun melee combat game where we need to use both hands and weapons in the mix. That can get a bit confusing if it is not done well, but Unawake has some solid footing here. I will be excited to see how it all progresses further here. I just hope we do not have to wait another year until we get the next big update for it out there.

Did you remember the announcement for Unawake from last year or did you need this reminder for the game? Do you like how crazy the combat looks like it will be here or will it be too much for you to handle at the start? When do you think it will land in 2024 and could we see it make its way over to the consoles where the controls feel like they might be better suited? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and get the conversation flowing. There is more for Unawake on the way, so please keep on checking back here for all of those updates and many others as we head into the future.