Amanda The Adventurer 2 Has Been Revealed To Bring More Found Footage

Amanda The Adventurer

A sequel to Amanda The Adventurer is on the way with Amanda The Adventurer 2 getting a nice little teaser

What felt like a small one-off indie title has seemed to gather a massive following, as now we have the reveal of Amanda The Adventurer 2. Yes, our little adventurer is coming back with more of the found footage tapes so MANGLEDmaw Games can haunt even more of your dreams out there. Along with keeping DreadXP hitting us with even more of those banger titles out there on the PC. I mean, as long as you enjoyed Amanda The Adventurer in the first place. Something that our fans here would know how we all feel about this title. If not, then you should give the review a look or the game a play just for this Halloween that is about to hit the world hard soon.

To make this little announcement for Amanda The Adventurer 2, we have our favorite sheep, Wooly, giving us all the good news. Well, good news for us and bad news for Wooly. Especially since this video feels quite a bit like a hostage video that would normally be pulled down on the various video sites out there. All of it still very much fits the look and feel of Amanda The Adventurer though. Not that we had any worry that was not going to be the case in general. Have a look at it all just a little lower down. There is not much else to go on for the game since it is just now starting development, but it is nice to know it is coming. At least for those who enjoy these kinds of games and are okay with getting beaten down by the various characters we find on the tapes and in the game in general.

Amanda The Adventurer 2 — Teaser

Amanda The Adventurer is a found footage-style horror title that hides a sinister story beneath the colorful façade of a children’s cartoon.

In this throwback to edutainment shows like Blue’s Clues and Dora The Explorer, players unravel a layered narrative within a series of videotapes that depict two animated characters — the sadistic plucky Amanda The Adventurer and her cowardly yet loyal sidekick, Wooly the Sheep — and use clever puzzle-solving to connect the dots between cartoon episodes and events that transpired in the world outside of the cartoon. Amanda The Adventurer was released in April 2023 for Windows PC to massive critical acclaim and was recently ported to the Nintendo Switch in September 2023.

Amanda The Adventurer 2 will dive deeper into the twisted story of the titular Amanda and bring fans back into her super duper charming and not at all horrifying world. A release date will be announced at a later date.

We all over here fell in love with Amanda The Adventurer, in general, when we first had a chance to give it all a go. It was the right level of "low budget" while offering up some new and twisted views of the world. All things that we generally enjoy over here. I know I am excited to hear we are going to get more. I just hope that they do not try to go over the top with it all now that it has hit some cult following out there. Amanda The Adventurer 2 should feel like we found more tapes and not try to do what the FaNF series has ended up doing. Stick with the roots that made it a fun adventure and not just go bigger since it is what you think the fans might want. a horrible double-edged blade to walk on, but one that I have faith can be done with care.

Did you have a chance to play Amanda The Adventurer when it first came out or did you just watch the various streamers play it instead? Do you fear that they might try to go bigger just for the sake of it or will they stick to what made the game great in the first place? When do you think we will see this final build of the game and will it be sooner instead of later in the year? Venture down to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share out there. We will certainly have more for Amanda The Adventurer 2, so please keep on checking in for all of those updates and the many others we will have along the way out there. There is quite a bit more to go with it all…