Our Neighbor Might Actually Be A Demon In Paranoid


The release date for Paranoid is now set as we see how things might be vastly different than we thought in Paranoid

The brains over at Madmind Studios are finally back out there and ready to give us all a bit more for Paranoid. Even if we might have been off on when we thought the game was going to drop out there, we are glad to finally see that we have a release date for the game. Those excited to see what the team has for us all again can now mark down December 15th for when you will get to experience Paranoid on the PC. Sure, this would have felt more at home on Halloween but we should not rush anything just to hit the time it feels like it should launch. Hells, it also leaves it open for if the game does make its way over to the consoles they can use that timeline.

Speaking of Hells, we also have a solid new trailer for Paranoid that looks to not only make us question things in reality but also if all of their titles are one shared reality. Given that our protagonist suffers from schizophrenia as well as paranoia, they are brought to question if their neighbor is in on "it" or even just a demon. Here, though, we get to see what looks like our favorite succubus making a showing in the mix of Paranoid. Or maybe not… It could all just be a ruse in the end and we learn this is all truly in the head of our character. An interesting take that also mixes in some of the darkness and adult content we have seen from the developers in the past. Take that to note before jumping in and watching this new trailer.

Paranoid — Release Date

The protagonist, suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia, will have to make a difficult decision – whether to stay home without medication and uncover the dark secret of his neighbor. Or should he buy the medicine and meet his missing sister, who has given a sign of life for the first time in ten years?

Paranoid will allow players to determine the course of Patrick’s story. Depending on the choices, the player will either lock themselves in their apartment with their demons or venture into the city, discovering an alternative course of events. The game can be completed in two ways, showing how the simple decision to stay or leave the apartment profoundly affects the protagonist’s fate.

Both game paths are equally significant and rich in content.

What’s more, we’re happy to announce that the full version of the game will be released on December 15, 2023!

Is your neighbor… a demon?

Among all the crazy theories that the main character is living with, this one seems to be the most true. Could the neighbor who haunts Patrick’s dreams be hiding a dark secret? Who is she, and why can’t she get her out of his head? Does she exist, and do we want to know the answer?

Personally, I hope that Paranoid does not take place in the same reality as the other games and this is just the developers not only messing with the players, but also reusing assets from before. It would make sense that Patrick would see and hear horrible things like this, not to mention the other activities it looks like Patrick gets up to. I want Paranoid to be more of an exploration of the mind and disorder, as the audio makes it feel, and less of a "Devil Made Me Do It" copout that they could go with. The latter being the easier thing to get away with while the prior being the one that could be more of an engaging event as we have had with other titles that have dabbled the same way and with the same disorders.

Are you let down that Paranoid will not be a Halloween release or are you fine with it dropping whenever as long as it is good? Do you think this is the same succubus we have had in their other games or have we just been primed to see that here? Do you want it to be a supernatural thing in the game or would you rather see a new story that shines the light on humans being the true monsters out there? Creep into the comment section below to discuss all of this and everything else we can find to share with you. We are looking to cover more for Paranoid soon, so please keep on checking back in for those updates and many more to come.