The Thaumaturge Is Bringing The Curse To PC In December


The PC release date for The Thaumaturge is now set with some new gameplay of The Thaumaturge to be taken in

It looks as if we finally have a release date for The Thaumaturge to mark down for us all. Well, at least if you are looking to play the game on the PC and not the consoles. It is a thing we have to worry about still out there as Fool’s Theory continues to work on the game and 11 Bit Studios gears us all up with hype. Nonetheless, it looks as if during the latest Steam Next Fest, we have the announcement that The Thaumaturge will be out there in the world on December 5th for those looking to get in early. Not in an Early Access kind of thing, but early as in before the console gamers that will have to wait just a bit longer than that.

If that is not soon enough for you, though, it does look like there is a little more to take in for The Thaumaturge right now. No, we are not talking about the new gameplay that shows off many new things for the game, which you can see below. We are also talking that there is currently a demo out there for you to experience a bit of what The Thaumaturge has to offer up right now. It may be a little short and spoil a few things, but it is something to whet the whistles of everyone who has been trying to keep a close eye on this project. Not to mention give us all more to share for the poor console players that will have to wait until early next year to experience what we have to offer up out there. Have a look at the gameplay now that you have read all of this up to now.

The Thaumaturge — PC Release Date

The game is coming on PCs on December 5 and on consoles in early 2024.

After a lengthy time away, Wiktor returns to a Warsaw that feels familiar, yet he is also discovering how much has changed during his absence. The year is 1905, and the city thrives with culture but is also plagued by crime and the conflicting interests of a multicultural society. For Salutors, demons that feed on human flaws and can only be controlled by Thaumaturges, street thugs are no match, just like others who resort to violence to make their point. However, the gift they bestow upon their master—or perhaps a curse, depending on one's perspective—extends beyond mere combat.

I have been interested in The Thaumaturge since I first saw anything about it and am glad to see the release on the horizon for this one. Even if it is only the PC announcement as of now. It looks like it will play like a mixture of a few other titles out there that play with the RPG systems and dialog choices in the mix of an investigation, so that has me further piqued out there. Not to mention the basic premise of The Thaumaturge too. That all ties into some other personal things, though, so take all of that excitement with some salt here. Blood magic has always been on the backburner around the caves here and I am curious to see how it plays out in this title.

Have you been interested in The Thaumaturge since we first had it to show off or have you just now heard about this game? Do you like the mixture of mechanics it looks like it will play around with or do you not find these kinds of titles appealing? When do you suspect the console version will be out there and how early in 2024 will that be? Head into the comment section to discuss all of that and everything else on your mind. We will keep sharing all that we can for The Thaumaturge, so please keep on checking back for all of those updates and many, many more that we have along the way. I am sure we will have more of the fun ones like this in very short order.