Kick In Some Of The Gameplay Out There For Anger Foot

Anger Foot

New gameplay for Anger Foot is here to show it all off and get us ready for the new release window for Anger Foot

It looks like Anger Foot is kicking us all in the eye-holes again with a look at some new gameplay for us to experience when the game finally hit the PC. A timeline that looks like it has been altered by Free Lives and Devolver Digital to hit in 2024 now instead of 2023. Not a huge deal, but something to take note of and give another reason to dig into the demo for Anger Foot one more time. That is still floating out there so we can experience the following gameplay instead of just seeing it in video form. However, this might be part of a different area out there, so it could all be new to those who have been around for a while.

The gameplay for Anger Foot is just about as we would normally assume for a game with the name and style of it all. It is a fast-moving shooter where we will also be kicking many things in the world too. A world that looks and feels like it was pulled from a different multiversal IP out there, but is definitely not. Shit Coty does sound like it would be the perfect place and such for the anthropomorphic creatures we are going to need to be gunning down in Anger Foot, so have a look at how that is all flowing out there. That pun is totally intended for you to think about and then cringe once you understand it during this new footage.

Anger Foot — Gameplay

Anger Foot is a lightning-fast hard bass blast of kicking doors and kicking ass. Crash through the caffeine-fueled fever dream of Shit City, putting the boot to a menacing menagerie of merciless gangsters.

Unleash the world’s deadliest feet on a colorful cast of anthropomorphic enemies. Clearing out slums, sewers, and skyscrapers as you grab new weapons, unlock new sneakers, and upgrade your powers in absurd and wonderful ways. Kick and shoot your way to the exit as you leave behind a smoldering trail of shattered doors, broken bones, and crumpled energy drinks.

The world and humor I see for Anger Foot have me hooked in, but this does all feel like another of those video games that are weird just to be weird. The publisher does have a track record of bringing all of those out there. This is not a terrible thing, but there have been many games that hope the weirdness of the concept sells more than giving us a good game to experience. That is where I feel Anger Foot is leaning a bit too in with these video clips. Something that can work to sell a game but will get tired very quickly once it is played and we have the same joke regurgitated for the umpteenth time. That is the fine line that needs to be walked and so few can master that.

Did you still expect Anger Foot to drop this year or was it seeming more likely it would drop in 2024? Will the humor and weirdness of it all be a selling point or something we will have to suffer through to complete the game? Were you expecting to use your feet more in this title or does this all track for you and how it has been shown so far? Kick in the door of the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have on the site for you. Please keep on checking back for the other updates we have for Anger Foot and the various other video games we have in the works as of right now too.