Atomic Heart Is Taking Us To Limbo In The Next DLC

Atomic Heart

A new DLC for Atomic Heart was just shown off to the world at TGS 2023 to keep the world of Atomic Heart growing

A bit of news is coming out of TGS 2023 here and this is that we have more DLC on the way to Atomic Heart now. New DLC that is going to excite some and confuse others. Maybe this is the goal of Mundfish out of it all, but that does not change the fact something is coming. So, get ready to have more to explore and play with in Atomic Heart when it does come to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC down the line. With any luck, we will not be waiting in limbo too long for this to come to light.

Before you get too excited and dig into that last little bit said there, we do not have a whole lot to go on for this new DLC for Atomic Heart. Outside of it, it takes us completely to Limbo in the game and gives us all kinds of weirdness to explore. There are a whole lot of surreal and odd environments we will see and then a screaming match against many ducks out there. As I said, some weirdness but still very fitting for the world of Atomic Heart up to now. If this was around the start of April that we were seeing this, it would be easy to brush it all off as a joke, but the proof is just below and you can see just what might be going on in this DLC just a little lower down.

Atomic Heart — DLC #2

Limbo is a strange world with inverted logic.

Be ready to go back there, as Atomic Heart DLC #2 will take place entirely in Limbo! 🤯

What crazy things can be faced there? 🪿

Enjoy the special Tokyo Game Show 2023 teaser and stay tuned!

In full disclosure, I have not personally been able to play Atomic Heart so this could all fall right in line with known things. I am unaware that there is a Limbo state or if that follows along with what that traditionally means out there. It is nice to see that the team has not stopped any work on the game and is looking to give us all more for it. I only wish there would have been some actual footage of the gameplay or areas in Atomic Heart this DLC will take us too. Not just a weird meme video made to make the announcement and give humans something weird to look at too. Maybe I am just a bit jaded nowadays for all of this, though.

Are you glad to see there is more DLC coming to Atomic Heart or did you think the bulk of it was over? Will you be glad to head into Limbo and face off with all of the weirdness that looks like we will see there? Do you enjoy these dumb little clips we get for our games or would it sell you more to actually get a tease of what is going to be in the gameplay instead? Take to the comments and let the discussion flow on out there for all of this. There is more coming for Atomic Heart and this DLC, so please keep on checking in here for all of that and many other updates as we head toward the end of the year.