It Is Time To Grapple With More For The Upcoming Baby Steps

Baby Steps

A new bit of gameplay for Baby Steps is here to give us something else to grapple with when Baby Steps launches next year

New gameplay is taking small steps out there for the upcoming Baby Steps. A title that is fully listed as a walking simulator that is coming next Summer for the PS5 and PC. It is also coming from Devolver Digital, who is known for helping bring so many off-the-wall titles to us all over the years. Now, Baby Steps is the next in the line that will add some extra weirdness to our days while aiming to give us another unique gameplay experience. Even if the big reveal in this new bit of gameplay is that we are going to have some grapple points to use in the game. A weird announcement but one that will make sense down the line I would think.

This may not seem like a massive deal, but if you have been following Baby Steps before now, this is a team of three that is setting out to make a unique experience that looks like it will have some heart and a whole lot of humor. All with a weird premise of an adult learning to walk again in a weird world out there. All so we can wander about and take in some fun new sights, shimmy along some ledges, and now swing from a few points to further our progress in Baby Steps. Honestly, the gameplay speaks more for itself at this point. So, have a look a bit lower and see the latest we have for this title to see just how off it is going to feel out there.

Baby Steps — Just Grapple It

Play as Nate, an unemployed failson with nothing going for him, until one day he discovers a power he never knew he had… putting one foot in front of the other.

Explore a world shrouded in mist, one step at a time. Hike the serene mountains by placing each footstep yourself, in original physics-based gameplay from the minds behind Ape Out and Getting Over It. Take in the sights, fall in love with the local fauna, and try to find meaning in a wasted life.

Get ready to fall for Nate, in Baby Steps, a literal walking simulator.

After seeing this, Baby Steps feels like it is another entry into the "let's make things weird because it will have fun memes" category of the internet. That is not to say there could not be something amazing in this title, but it feels more like it is going to capitalize on the collective "dumb" of the internet more than anything. There is always a place for this out there, but Baby Steps, to me, looks like it will be for a very select few out there and then will get some massive cult following to push it out to others. Just as we have seen with Goat Simulator and Stray. Find something odd that the internet will lose their minds over and then it becomes a hit. I will bank on those words for now.

How are you feeling after seeing Baby Steps and do you think it is going to be more than just a meme game? Is it weird that the character is not using their arms or hands in any instance or will that be explained in the game? Will there be many grapple points in the game or will it just be for some small fun while we literally just walk around this world? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and anything else that comes to mind. We are going to keep an eye out for more on Baby Steps, so get ready to see that shared here when it does drop on us.