Luna Abyss Shows How The Soundtrack Will Link Into The Narrative

Luna Abyss

A new behind-the-scenes video for Luna Abyss is here to give us more on the soundtrack coming for Luna Abyss

It is time once again to go behind the scenes for another game to see how things are being crafted for Luna Abyss. This is the interesting bullet-hell narrative game that Bonsai Collective is in the works on for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC sometime in the future. Just in case you have not been keeping up on all of that since it was announced not too long ago. Here, though, we get to see more of Luna Abyss after the announcements to see just how the game's soundtrack is coming to life and how it will play into the art and narrative of the game. Something that is always common in video games and it looks as if the team is making sure it continues on in this one as well.

In Luna Abyss, it sounds as if we are going to be getting a lot of the Latin chanting and hymning that we should expect from a horror title. Although, given that this one also has more action and Sci-Fi themes to it all, it does feel a little out of place. Unless you are looking for one of those epic space operas out there more than anything. I am going to fall in the latter camp as the composer dictates here that all of the music for Luna Abyss seemed to write itself based on the concept art and scenes handed over to the sound team to come up with it all. It is just an interesting note to take in as we dig into more of the cosmic horror side of things while staying focused on the other side of it all. It could be possible that this one will span over both genres perfectly and the sights and sounds will sync up even more.

Luna Abyss — Soundtrack Recording [BTS]

Luna Abyss is the debut game from UK-based developer Bonsai Collective. A narrative-driven, first-person action-adventure game set in the depths of the mimic moon Luna. Discover a vast, derelict colony; deep within the belly of the ominous mimic moon. Fight twisted cosmic horrors in intense, fast-paced, bullet-hell combat.

The fresh video spot gives both a detailed look at the recording process directly from Air Studios, London - featuring the London Voices choir - and an effusive interview with Luna Abyss composer David Housden, who talks through both his process and his relationship with the development team.

I rather enjoy hearing all of this for Luna Abyss and think it is rather fitting so far. Even if more of the visuals shown in this video seem to be more on the Sci-Fi side of things. In the past, we have had more of the weird and cosmic horror elements mixed, which would have been more fitting. Given that this new behind-the-scenes video for Luna Abyss was out there for the Save & Sound music festival, it makes more sense to keep things a little lighter to help promote Luna Abyss and the artists crafting everything behind it. Not all of us are into the horrors out there or the darker elements the minds can go to. Hence why it is always fun to get these extra looks at our games to fully understand them and see things through different lenses before dialing in the one that fits our mindsets better. Could just be me, though.

Is this what you were expecting for Luna Abyss when it comes to the soundtrack or did you think it was going to sound vastly different? Do you think more of the Sci-Fi is here to lend to the audience it was shown to or do you think it is telling of the final game? Will there be a full translation of it all in the end or is it better to just have the chanting with little else to go on out there? Head into the comment section to talk about all of this and everything else that is coming down the pipes here. There is more for Luna Abyss on the way, so be sure to stick around to see and hear all of that as we are able to share it with you.