Transformers: Earthspark Expedition Drops Us All Some Gameplay For Its Release


The Transformers are coming out here again soon with new gameplay we have for Transformers: Earthspark Expedition

Just in time to make that October release date period, Transformers: Earthspark Expedition is on the way to us all on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. Not that it felt like the game needed to launch around this time, but it is what Tessera Studios and Outright Games are going to do. Maybe this is to give us some small Transformers reprieve in the middle of all of the other horror going on in the month or maybe this is for some other reason we have yet to see. Nonetheless, we have the release date coming and some new gameplay to look at to get us ready to see what the game will hold in just over a month from right now. Right now being relative for those reading this in the future.

As we all assumed from what has been seen before, this Transformers title is leaning more into the cartoon era of it all with not only the look and feel of the world and characters but also a bit into the gameplay too. Here we get to see as Bumblebee drive around to meet up with other villains and heroes of the IP to shoot and punch everything back into a proper state. Violence through cartoon violence for those not up to what I am getting at here for Transformers: Earthspark Expedition. Not a bad thing but not something we might have wanted from some of the other titles we have had in the past for all of these characters. Given the reign of the live-action stuff faltering even more, I am guessing this will be the path we keep going down if they want it all to stay profitable.

Transformers: Earthspark Expedition — Gameplay

Transformers: Earthspark Expedition puts fans behind the wheel of the iconic hero Bumblebee, as he drifts, drives, and fights his way across a new but familiar world. The game aims to faithfully recreate the environment and feel of the ground-breaking animated series, as Bumblebee sets off on his own adventure to face a mysterious threat from his past and stop the series villain Dr. Meridian, aka "Mandroid", from recovering missing pieces of an ancient technology.

As part of this action-packed journey, players will be able to freely explore three massive biomes and complete quests from their Terran allies, the first Transformers robots to be born on Earth, and new original characters from the TV series. To complete his mission Bumblebee will also fight against and alongside fan-favorite legacy Transformers bots including Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Skullcruncher, Nova Storm, and Skywarp.

Deep levels of exploration and combat reward players for undertaking multiple playthroughs as they unlock a diverse range of upgrades and abilities that allow access to previous locations, and to discover secrets in previously inaccessible areas. Unlock the skills needed to take down Decepticons with spectacular ultimate attacks and customize Bumblebee by selecting a variety of engine energy trails when in vehicle mode.

The game has been designed to be accessible for fans of all ages, with detailed analysis given to different scenarios allowing freedom of exploration, text legibility, control setups, and difficulty curves ensuring it is playable by younger gamers. Variable difficulty options are included that allow the game to be played according to individual ability, alongside mechanics that mitigate frustration in combat, such as directional warnings to help players identify incoming threats more easily. An assisted driving system has also been included which provides an easier control scheme when in vehicle mode, as well as the option to enable an automatic camera so players can focus their full attention on exploring, driving, and battling enemies.

With Optimus Prime’s guidance and you at the controls, Bumblebee will become the ultimate Autobot! Be ready to grow strong, speed into battle, and save the world in Transformers: Earthspark Expedition out October 13th.

I hinted at it before, but it does feel as if Transformers: Earthspark Expedition is landing out there to specifically get lost in the mix of titles out there. We have seen other titles get full delays due to the mass amount of releases in October. Massive releases at that too and this feels more like someone trying to hold onto the IP for a game more than anything that is going to push the industry forward at all. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does make me fear a bit for this Transformers title and the brand in general. Especially since this one feels like it is a movie tie-in style of game without a movie to actually tie into. Time will tell and we will see, though. It could be the lighter title we might need in the mix when all is said and done.

Did you have a new Transformers title dropping before Halloween on your BINGO card or is this a little shocking? Do you think there is a good reason for this release to happen as it is or is it to hide something else out there? Do you think the IP is going to lean more into the cartoon style of it all moving forward or will this be a one-off until we see another live-action film out there? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have going on out there. We will share anything further we get for Transformers: Earthspark Expedition here, so please keep on checking in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.