Check Out The Weapons & Legion Arm In Lies Of P

Lies Of P

Take in some of the weapons of Lies Of P as well as the Legion Arm we will use in Lies Of P

We have had demos and we have had many little looks at Lies Of P and the weapons we will have in the game before now. Why not have one more look at all of them, right? That is the thought behind the latest we have here from Round8 Studio for the game as September 19th creeps up on us and gets us ready for the full drop on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Not only the weapons of Lies Of P, though, as we also have a look at some of the various upgrades and changes we will have for the Legion Arm in the game too. This is a two-for-one kind of update, so get ready to see a whole lot more for the game now.

First up, we have a look at all of the fun and new weapons we will have in Lies Of P. Many of them mix and match between a few others out there to give us some extra striking power in the mix. That and maybe some extra abilities to pop off when striking the various enemies in the game. Just as we would assume, some of them have some insane wind-up times that will lead to heavier hits. That seems to always be the trade-off in these kinds of games and Lies Of P is not leaving that behind. Even if they all feel like they fall into two different camps when it comes to weapons. Heavy and hard-hitting while the other is fast and barely moves the health bar at all. It looks like we do not have much of a middle ground here, but they all look rather amazing in the following showcase that we have.

Lies Of P — Weapon Showcase

One of the most prominent questions Round8 Studio received was regarding the “Weapon Assemble” system.

In this video, Round8 Studio introduces handpicked assembled weapons and unique weapons as well.

More weapons are still left uncovered in Krat. Discover hundreds of possible combinations and find the perfect weapon for you with the “Weapon Assemble” system on September 19.

Next up, we have a look at the mechanical arm that we will have to use in Lies Of P too. This will be a mix of a shield as well as various other bits of gear along the way for our protagonist. In addition to sharpening up our weapons for some extra damage, the Legion Arm will add so many other things to the combat in the game too. One option will be a grappling hook, of sorts, and another a full-on rocket launcher to shoot at the enemies. I know which option I will be going with once I get it fully upgraded in Lies Of P. It looks like we will be able to take down so many enemies in the game without needing to close the gap once we get our hands on that one. Have a look and see just how many we have to look at before the game hits us all.

Lies Of P — Legion Arm Showcase

Introducing the Legion Arm, one of Lies Of P’s unique features.

From a powerful weapon that can inflict huge amounts of damage to a handy tool that can turn a lopsided battle in your favor, the Legion Arm is one of Lies Of P’s unique combat system and there are multiple Legion Arms to choose from.

The main weapon you wield in your right hand alone may not be enough to achieve victory; utilize the Legion Arm equipped to your left arm to gain an upper advantage.

Prepare yourself for the chaos crawling ever so closely.

On September 19, only the well-prepared will survive to see the light.

I am still not sold on Lies Of P even with all of this. That is more of a personal flavor than anything with what I have seen or experienced in the mix so far. I am just not a fan of this genre of gameplay and they always seem to get the coolest-looking stories or settings slapped on them. Even with the inclusion of the rocket arm weapon, I am not sure I will be able to stand the telegraphing of everything while sitting still and watching myself get beaten down over and over. The demo had me hooked for a bit with Lies Of P, but fell apart fast after the fifth time I was killed in a spot due to everything respawning because I chose to save. There is a balance and I am still on the fence if this one has mastered it as very few others like it have.

Are you glad to see many of the weapons and arms for Lies Of P before launch and will there be more we did not see here? How often do you think we will be able to use the projectile options in the game and will we be able to make a run of it all using only this? Do you think there is a better middle ground for this kind of gameplay or will it always be "hard" just for the sake of being "hard?" Take your thoughts into the comment section and feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. There is more for Lies Of P on the way, I am sure, so please keep on coming back here for all of those updates and many others.