The Nightmare Graffiti Is Talking To Us All In Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake

Go further behind the scenes for Alan Wake 2 with a look at how some of the environments in Alan Wake 2 will also talk to us

It is time to slip between the cracks once more with Alan Wake 2 to see more of the titular character and how the world has evolved for him. It has been a rough go from where Remedy Entertainment left the character at the end of the main game before, so it would be nice to get a bit of a feel for what is going on with Alan Wake before the game drops. That is still set for October 27th for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC before you forget. So there is some time but not as much as many would like to have. Hence why we are about to go behind the scenes once more for the game.

This new behind-these-scenes definitely shows off a bit of what has been going on with Alan Wake since he jumped into the nightmare dimension. His version takes on a bit of a New York look and feel, given that is where the character is from, and he has become a bit of a master of it all over the decade+ he has been there. This is also where some of the fun level design and twists come in for the world along with the character. Since the world does change and shift with Alan Wake's written work, after all. All of this is something we get a solid look at in the latest behind-the-scenes for the game.

There is more of a focus on Alan in this one, but we do get a little bit of the other character coming to Alan Wake 2. Saga's story will be unfolding on the other end of the country, so there are a whole lot of other things to take in for all of that. This is all going to be new territory for us as players, but it does look as if the team is using everything they have learned from Alan Wake and how they built half of the world, and giving it that solid Pacific North West look and feel to it all. You do not need to only take my word for it all, as you can see it all in the following video we have for the game.

Alan Wake 2 — Alan Wake In The Dark Place [BTS]

Go behind the scenes of the development of Alan Wake 2. We visit the Pacific Northwest and the Dark Place and talk to many talented developers across different disciplines that helped shape this ambitious sequel.

Episode 3 discusses the Dark Place, the nightmare reality that Alan Wake has been trapped in for 13 years, and how Remedy Entertainment came to develop Alan's character from the man he was in the original game.

Alan Wake 2 releases October 27th on PlayStation 5, PC via the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Series X|S.

I just recently finished another playthrough of the original Alan Wake with the remaster, but it is still nice to get all of these reminders and look at how the character has evolved over the years. I know the replay was certainly helpful, but seeing that the team was not just going to be reusing the same settings and designs as before is a nice little breath of fresh air. It makes me even more excited for Alan Wake 2 to finally drop out there and play as Saga instead of Alan at that. Even if all of the nightmare graffiti does look amazing and is telling a whole other story on top of our main one.

Are you fully up to speed on all things Alan Wake before now or will you need more before the launch of this game? How often will we swap between each location in the game and will it flow perfectly for all of us? Do you like seeing that we have a mix of actors playing Alan or would it have been better to be played by the same actor instead? Take to the comments to let us know what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. More for Alan Wake 2 is on the way to us all, so be sure to keep on coming back to see and hear all of that here.