Kick Off Operation 627 In The Campaign For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call Of Duty

Gameplay for the first campaign mission in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III is here to give us a taste of how advanced this Call Of Duty is

Those who have been keeping a close eye on Gamescom 2023 this year may have been treated to something new for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Those of you out there who have not been able to keep fully up on it all will want to know that Sledgehammer Games has brought us all a look at the first mission we are going to be playing in the game when it launches on November 10th for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. All of this is worth mentioning, as we have this look at it all here for you to relive and see just how far this Call Of Duty title is taking the IP as we head further into the future with everything the industry has to offer up.

All of that said, you now have your spoiler warning for what you might be about to see here for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III. At least if you are looking to go in as blind as possible when it comes to the campaign, as this takes us through quite a bit of the mission and lets us see how some of the stealth attacks are going to go down in the game. Not to mention, some of this looks as close to photorealistic as possible with some scenes being hard to see if it is just running through the script or how the player is actually handling things in the mission. That is the perfect kind of blending that we have come to expect in these Call Of Duty titles now. Even if the gameplay loop always looks to be about the same with the running, gunning, and sneaking through buildings out there.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III — Campaign Premiere

The Zordaya Prison Complex contains someone who can shift the tides of the coming conflict in Modern Warfare III. Alpha team makes entry from the water as Bravo and Charlie teams assist in an operation conducted in the Kastovian Sea. Take your first in-depth look at Modern Warfare III gameplay in the dark and clandestine mission Operation 627.

The ultimate threat awaits in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III, coming November 10th, 2023, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It should go without saying, but I am insanely impressed with how Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III looks here and this is running on the compressed video format and not how it is going to look live. At least, that is the hope and this is not some marketing switcheroo that we will be cursing when the game fully launches. I am insanely doubtful that will be the case, but we always have to cover our bases on that. It is interesting that it feels like the modern titles are all about going in as quietly as possible and we are losing the load aspects to it all, but I guess that is kind of how war has always been changing. Then again, we have been told that we can always replay the missions in this Call Of Duty however we want after we go through them. So it will be interesting to see how this could all play out when weapons are fully free and we are not concerned about the noise.

Were you expecting anything less for this Call Of Duty or have you missed out on all of the campaign stuff before now? Do you think this mission will be vastly different when we are playing in the other mode or will going loud make it much harder to survive through? Will we be laughing at these visuals in a few years thinking that they could never get better or have we hit that point now? Take to the comments and discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will share more for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III in the coming weeks, so please keep on coming back for all of those updates and many, many more.