Alan Wake 2 Gives Us A Deeper Look At The Dark Place That Is Coming

Alan Wake

Take a walk with Alan Wake around The Dark Place as we gear up for the final release for Alan Wake 2

Fresh out of the opening night of Gamescom 2023, we have new things to look at for Alan Wake 2 along with a little more on the details side of things. Specifically, it looks as if Remedy Entertainment was finally ready to let us see the titular character in motion during the event and this new look. No more of the side characters here, and it is time to see just how Alan Wake has been holding up in The Dark Place since last we saw him. Along with some new gameplay to get us ready for that October 27th release on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It all builds into each other.

One thing you will notice here for Alan Wake 2, is that this trailer feels like it is a blending of live-action and gameplay to show off. This, apparently, is not just a fancy marketing ploy being used as we see with other live-action trailers in the past. No, this is actually from the game with the developers trying to blend these forms more to better show us the mindset and reality that Mr. Wake is in. My guess is that the live-action will be used to show what is going on in reality for the character while the gameplay segments to highlight the nightmare side of things that Alan Wake has always been known for.

Alan Wake 2 — The Dark Place

Trapped in a nightmare, Alan Wake has been trying to write his way out. But what happens when something else escapes?

Play as the writer, Alan Wake, and the FBI agent, Saga Anderson. Explore two beautiful and terrifying realities in Remedy Entertainment’s first survival horror game, and rewrite Alan Wake’s reality to escape the surreal cityscape of the Dark Place.

Here there are only victims and monsters. And monsters wear many faces.

Alan Wake 2 releases October 27th on PlayStation 5, PC via the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Series X|S.

It really is nice to see Alan Wake back in action directly now and not through minor things in the background. The instant that flare lit up in this trailer and we got to see the flashlights used once again, it felt just as it all should. It will be interesting to see how we will swap between Alan and Saga in the story, but as I keep saying here, I have faith that the team is nailing that down so very well. They did have many years and other projects to help ensure that Alan Wake 2 was going to be the next best title that they have to offer us all. October just will not get here soon enough now.

Are you jazzed to see Alan Wake back in action now or did you think they were going to hold off until the game launch for us to see that? How do you think the character swapping will flow in the game or will it be like different chapters of a novel as the story unfolds? Do you think that the live-action will be a way to show off the waking days for Alan or could it be the other way around somehow? Take to the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wont to do. More for Alan Wake 2 is always coming out there, and we will share it all as soon as we can. Please keep on coming back here to see and hear all of it in due time.