Immortals Of Aveum Gets Very Cinematic Out At SDCC This Year


See more of the Immortals showing off their acting chops in the latest from Immortals Of Aveum out of SDCC 2023

Hollywood may have been more or less non-present at SDCC this year, but it looks as if Immortals Of Aveum had to step up and give us something cinematic to look at. That is a poor attempt to slide right into the new bits of the game that Ascendant Studios brought to the world out there during the event. They needed something to get us all excited for the August 22nd release of Immortals Of Aveum on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Not only that but also to let some of the actors that have shown off some of their chops in the video game format. Not the medium that is currently on strike out there, even if they need to think about all of the same issues going forward. But I digress…

We were not able to sit in on the panel that happened for Immortals Of Aveum out at SDCC this year, but from what have gathered, not much more has been offered up that we have not been informed of already for the game. Maybe this is what EA is gearing up for to the release or maybe there is more that they want to keep obfuscated for us when it comes to the game. At the very least, we have the following trailer for the game that gives us a solid look at some of the drama that will be going down in Immortals Of Aveum all with Jak (Darren Barnet) and Kirkan (Gina Torres) taking the front stage for it all. Even if they are digital avatars coming through, it looks as if they are still giving it their all and the team is doing what they can to bring it to life in the game engine instead of a fully rendered scene. That is rather impressive for it all at the very least.

Immortals Of Aveum — San Diego Comic Con 2023 Cinematic

As the fight against Sandrakk continues, Jak (Darren Barnet) returns with the Binding Stone, a powerful artifact he was meant to destroy, not keep. He believes he made the right choice, now he'll have to convince Kirkan (Gina Torres), the leader of the Immortals.

Immortals Of Aveum is a single-player first-person magic shooter where you play as Jak, a Triarch Magnus who is thrust into the midst of the Everwar. It’s up to Jak and the elite battlemages in the Order of Immortals to protect magic and stop the tyrant, Sandrakk, from plunging Aveum into oblivion.

After watching the video for Immortals Of Aveum, I was able to pick up some fun little nuances and bits to enjoy in the mix. The one thing that got me was some of the background characters and their interactions too. If you watch closely or not, you will see during one of the tense parts of the scene, a lower-ranked character walks in and then promptly turns around to walk out. A little of a blink-and-miss-it thing, but gives some levity to the scene to help set the tone of Immortals Of Aveum. It will be serious but still not take itself too seriously in the mix. Those little touches are always a great addition to games like this. Now I am more excited to get in and give it all a play.

Do you think these will be similar to all of the scenes and talks the Immortals go through in the game or will this be one of the heavier ones in the story? Can you see the actors in the roles here or did they need to go a little closer to all of the actors for you? How much humor will be mixed in for it all or will it only be smaller parts as we spotted in this video? Head into the comment section to let the world know and discuss it all. We are going to keep sharing all that we can for Immortals Of Aveum, so please keep checking back for all of those updates and more. I am sure we will have all kinds of fun to offer up to and after the full launch of the game.