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Killer Frequency

We sit down and review Killer Frequency. A title where we need a radio DJ to truly save the day. Here is our review of Killer Frequency

Here we go awesome listeners out there with our look at Killer Frequency. A title that hit the VR space not too long ago but Team17 has opted to bring it forward for more to play with it hitting the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. All in a form that does not require a headset out there. Before any of you call it out that it was on some of those platforms before now. But, how good is Killer Frequency once you are placed in a normal view of things? This is where we are diving in with our review of the game. Put on some headphones, crank up some tunes, and get ready for one killer night out there in this video game.


Good evening Gallows Creek. I hope you are ready for a fun night of music and talk radio out there. Even if it is the time of year when The Whistling Man's anniversary in this small town in the USA takes place. Wait, what is this? The Whistling Man is out there killing people again and our town's dispatch has to head out to get us some help. I guess that means that Forrest Nash needs to pick things up and handle the 911 dispatch problems of the town. Not only that but try to solve the mystery of what is going on. The 1980s were a rough time to do just that.

Killer Frequency — Review


I have to start out that Killer Frequency feels like it was made to be played in VR. A good portion of the game has us sitting at a desk and answering phone calls. That is the basic mechanic we know from the start. Sadly, my playthrough in a normal view of things left the game feeling lacking. That is, it felt built for a specific experience that does not lend to being in a flat screen view. I found myself wanting to look away and roam while things were going on, which if I was in a VR headset, would have made it much easier to get involved in Killer Frequency a bit more. Do not think that the story or anything is lacking, though, it is just the way I played the game did not feel fitting.

Next in the line of things, when we did need to get up and move about, and maybe this is better in VR, Killer Frequency controls always felt a little off. Holding and pressing open a door or trying to slowly flick through various records or find buttons, it always felt like it was a harder task than it should have been. It never broke the game, but it definitely made me frustrated with the basics more than anything. Especially when doors and things would close and then require me to go through the motions again. Almost as if it was trying to pad the runtime of Killer Frequency more than anything.

Lastly on the block, some of the puzzles or situations in Killer Frequency did not feel like they were fully planned out or were poorly planned out to make sure it felt like it was being clever. Like, there is a dialog choice that goes on where we are led to think we are making the right choices. Then, with no way to know it was the wrong choice, the game punishes and tells you that someone is now dead. The solution was in hand to save them, but with no prompts whatsoever, the right choice is the wrong one. Then we have instances where we are felt to need to sneak in Killer Frequency. There is a killer about. Not once did I ever see a reason I needed to do any of that other than the game telling us we needed to. It broke some of the immersion quickly when this happened multiple times.

Killer Frequency — Review


Dovetailing from the last topic above, when Killer Frequency has its puzzles or missions planned out well, it hits really hard. Things like needing to talk someone through hotwiring a car and only getting a few chances before they are killed or helping guide someone through a corn maze based on the basic landmarks they can describe; it makes the game feel much more immersive. Like the work and effort we put in actually means something in Killer Frequency. I seriously wanted to replay things like those over and over as it always felt closer to how it would when going through the same thing in the real world. Top-notch and would love much more of that.

I won't say much on the story specifically, as it does hit many of the usual horror tropes used in the 80s, the delivery of it all in Killer Frequency makes me ignore all of that. The voice acting as well as the way exposition is offered up along the way does such a great job of it all, even though we are getting most of it through phone calls and text we find. Usually, this is something I abhor in my video games, but the way the writers and voice actors deliver everything had me engaged and intrigued. Even when it was something not specifically needed, it kept my attention and wanting to listen to everything. I only wish more video games took the time to do the same thing and offer up experiences at the same level.

I also need to add in the fact that there are a few different bits in Killer Frequency based on how you save or don't save characters, there is some solid replay to it all. Even if the puzzles will stay the same along the way, some character deaths change the story and how things play out a bit. All of which changes how the story and other bits come about too. Sure, there are some linear aspects that a video game needs to go through, but I was not expecting a whole different dialog set for some of the calls based on who lived and died already in Killer Frequency. That made it feel like there were many different ways to experience the game along with a fun speed run to make sure everyone stays alive and in the clear.

Killer Frequency — Review


Right away, if you have the chance to play Killer Frequency in VR, I have a feeling that will be the way to experience this one. While it still plays well on flat screens, it really does feel like it is a VR experience through and through. If you are a fan of cheesy 80s horror, Killer Frequency is going to hit all of those great buttons. Just do not expect there to be rhyme or reason to a few things and that some of the tense built-up will fall flat. I still had a blast with the game and fully add it to my recommended list of titles to enjoy out there. Give it a solid play.

I give Killer Frequency 8 Vinyl Records on the Vinyl Record scale.

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Killer Frequency was developed and published by Team17 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 1st, 2023. A PlayStation copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.