Return To Monkey Island Is Taking Sail On A Few More Platforms Soon

Monkey Island

Fans of the Monkey Island games will be glad to know that we will be seeing Return To Monkey Island heading to mobile soon

Things are going further mobile out there for Return To Monkey Island with two more platforms getting added into the mix of it all. If you have somehow missed out before on what Terrible Toybox has offered up on the consoles and PC, you will be able to get the game on the iOS and Android too. Set sail and sign up to Return To Monkey Island on July 27th if you want to see what it all holds on your phone. It makes sense that it will be able to hit the platforms out there, just a little odd that it took this long until we get it here. Given how well it shifted onto the Switch and everything.

All in all, there is not much else to add to all of this beyond letting more experience what Return To Monkey Island. Now it will not just be for those that claim to be hardcore gamers with the specific systems out there. Anyone that has a mobile device, which is a much broader audience, will be able to move about this unique story and get a taste of it all. It does feel like this is a style of game that should always be going this route, but Return To Monkey Island is just the next one and not the only one out there. Even if it will always feel odd to have truly engaging story titles on the phones out there instead of the basic "poop" games that are the usual rage out there.

Return To Monkey Island — Mobile Release Date

Ahoy mobile gamers! The critically-acclaimed Return To Monkey Island has set sail for the App Store and Google Play. Wannabe pirates and long-time fans of the legendary series can plot to get their hands on the Terrible Toybox’s lauded sequel via their phones and tablets on July 27 with pre-registration open now for those that just can’t wait.

Have you had a chance to play Return To Monkey Island before now or will you be looking to add it to your mobile device instead? Is it weird to have larger story titles in the mix on the phone or is it something that we should always be striving for? Will we get to see more of these titles and IP on the phones or will this be it for now? Take to the comment section and then feel free to discuss it all as you might want to. There should be more to share for Return To Monkey Island, so please keep checking back in here for all of those updates and many more.