Steamboat Mickey Is Setting Sail Soon For Disney Speedstorm


Another Disney character is on the way to Disney Speedstorm with Steamboat Mickey bringing some style into the mix

The racers are flowing out there for Disney Speedstorm as we gear up for the Season 2 event to kick off. All of this with the next one coming out there from Gameloft, well more getting ready to come out there, with the announcement of Racer Steamboat Mickey. One of the O.G. Disney characters in the mix of things and heading right to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC when the season starts. Whenever that just may be out there. Fans of the game will certainly be able to make the wait to get what is coming, I am sure.

Here we do get a little look at Steamboat Mickey in the mix of Disney Speedstorm, but it is rather difficult to figure out what special ability he will have in the race. Even if it does look as if there will be some kind of thing that will wash out the color from other racers and the world. An interesting thing to look at here for Disney Speedstorm. Although, that may all just be how it is presented in the trailer for us to look at for now. If only we knew when this limited event was going to kick off so we could get this racer in and try to see just how powerful it could be at the end of it all…

Disney Speedstorm — Steamboat Mickey Joins The Race

🎶Whistle to a win on the racetrack!🎶

Revealed by D23, see Racer Steamboat Mickey in action for the very first time! This Racer will be available during a Limited Event in Season 2!

What do you think about this Disney character getting added into the mix here and is it the one you wanted? Will the Black & White thing cause some kind of game effect or just a fun way to throw it back to the character it is all based from? Who do you think will be another character we get into the race and when will it be Hades? Take to the comment section and let the discussion flow out there. There will be more for Disney Speedstorm in the coming weeks and months, so please keep checking back in here for all of those updates and everything else that we can offer up along the way.