Fear Is On The Way To The Macs With Layers Of Fears

Layers Of Fear

Mac users will get a chance to go in on Layers Of Fears with the full Layers Of Fear IP showing up there this June

Another release date is here for Layers Of Fears is here. Before you think we are having another delay in the mix, this one is more along the lines of Bloober Team and Anshar Studios looking to get the game out there on the Mac platform. Something that they are getting done and are not going to make us all wait long for. In fact, it looks like Layers Of Fears will be dropping on the Mac the same day as the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. That day being June 15th still. See, nothing to be afraid of or worry about outside of what the game has held within it.

Weirdly, this announcement does not come along with much else to look at for Layers Of Fears. We have a similar video from before when the release date announcement dropped, but this one with the Mac information. Like this version will only be hitting the Apple Silicon lineup of systems through the app store and such. Nothing else. It is still great news for those looking to experience Layers Of Fears out there and did not think they would have a chance due to platforms. Even if, at this point, most of us out there have a variety of ways to experience most of our video games already.

Layers Of Fears — Apple Silicon Mac Release Date

Layers Of Fears — one of the first games to be released using UnrealEngine 5 — will also be available on every Mac with Apple Silicon. The game takes full advantage of the Metal framework.

The official premiere is scheduled for June 15. The game will launch on the Apple silicon Mac lineup (via App Store), PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Were you always hoping to see Layers Of Fears land on the Mac or did you have other ways to play it in the works already? Do you think there will be much of a difference between the versions of the game or will it just be how we are playing it more than anything? Will this open things up for other titles to do the same or will it just be case by case still? The comment section is open for all of that discussion and thoughts to flow out there. All you have to do is head on down and put them there. While you do that, we will keep the news for Layers Of Fears and every other game coming to you out there. Please keep checking in for all of those updates.