Final Fantasy XVI Drops More Little Bits For Our Upcoming Story

Final Fantasy

New features for Final Fantasy XVI are on display to make this Final Fantasy title more inviting than before

June 22nd is quickly approaching us all with Final Fantasy XVI hitting the PS5 on that date still. There is still a lot to learn and figure out for the game and to keep hidden before Square Enix drops it out there on us. I am guessing, this is why we have been hit up with a variety of new video clips to give us a little more to go on for the game as well as show us what will be changing in this Final Fantasy title from the past ones. Beyond the shift to the Western look of fantasy over the Eastern one we have had for quite a while now. Nonetheless, here we go with seeing how summons, allies, and the story will be getting new gameplay to excite and entice us all.

Yes, you read that correctly, the story in Final Fantasy XVI will be getting a bit of a gameplay bit added to it all. There will be a way to focus more on that as we play with the combat streamlined a bit more and certain actions being put in a QTE format instead of relying on our skills to make it through battles. That and the ability to auto-dodge certain things too. I am not sure how this will work in the massive fighting game-style Final Fantasy XVI will shift into when we play as the Eikons in the game, but maybe that is why we will have other friends in the mix too. It looks like it will be an interesting shift coming to the IP and a little more focus on the story instead of convoluted gameplay mechanics out there just to make the game hard for the sake of being hard.

Final Fantasy XVI — Titanic Clashes

When rival Dominants come head to head, epic battles between their Eikons ensue!

Final Fantasy XVI launches June 22, 2023 on PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy XVI — From Strength To Strength

Expand and enhance Clive’s abilities to suit your fighting style!

Final Fantasy XVI — Story-Focused Mode

Enjoy all of the action with a fraction of the fuss!

Final Fantasy XVI — The More The Merrier

Because sometimes, fighting fate is more than a one-man job!

Final Fantasy XVI — Eikonic Action

Clive utilizes the powers of multiple Eikons in breakneck battle!

Final Fantasy XVI — A Hero’s Best Friend

Trusty Torgal takes to the field!

Are you surprised that we will have these new features in the game or would you want to stick to being a current Final Fantasy purist and never touch them? Will the Eikon fights have these fighting game mechanics in them or will it be for the few that we have been told they will go down in? Would you want to have a player-controlled version of Torgal and allies in the game or is it best they are left to the AI to handle? Take it all to the comments and then discuss it all for the next month or so. We shall keep the news and updates for Final Fantasy XVI coming out to you as best as we can here. Please keep up with it all here and keep a close eye out for many more that are sure to follow.