Jawbreaker Is Bringing Us More During Steam Next Fest


Survival horror title, Jawbreaker, is one the way to us with more with some gameplay & Jawbreaker taking part of Steam Next Fest

It may not be the latest announcement out there for Jawbreaker, but given that we are just learning about the game here, we are going to bring it up now. More so since we are definitely curious to see what the game will have on the PC after seeing it falls right in some of our interests. Not only a small developer with Vincent Lade putting it all together but also with Jawbreaker hitting up some of those commentary aspects usually lost in the game. That or we have just been pining for a game that looks and feels like Manhunt for a while now. We will go with all of the above so we can move into the announcement that we are here to share along with our excitement for finding this little gem.

If you are just learning about Jawbreaker as we are, this is a new survival horror, stealth game that takes place after an economic collapse in the United States. It looks like there will be some massive monsters in the mix along with us having to deal with Purge-type survivors in the world. A demo is currently out there, along with the gameplay teaser we have below. All of this builds into the fact that Jawbreaker is going to be part of the Steam Next Fest in June, so we can expect to see and hear more about this one then. Now that we have our attention grabbed and locked in with some of the smaller games not getting the same level of hype as the larger ones out there.

Jawbreaker — Announcement

Will you survive when the world falls apart?

Jawbreaker, a survival horror and stealth game that takes place after an economic collapse in the United States. The demo was just released on Steam and Itchio with 20,000+ downloads and over 2,000,000 views on YouTube with quite a bit of excitement; it will also be participating in Steam Next Fest in June.

Is this the first you have heard of Jawbreaker up to now or is this the first you have been hearing of it? Do you get the same Manhunt vibes that I do or am I focusing on the wrong parts of it all? Will we get a bigger demo out of the Steam Next Fest or will we just get some gameplay and a release date to mark down on our calendars? Head down to the comments and then let those thoughts run rampant out there for you. Now that we have eyes on Jawbreaker, we will keep the news we can flow to you as fast as we can. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we can muster up for you.